Simple Tricks For A Chic Bathroom (Part 1)

The bathroom is often the most neglected place in the house, possibly because we may not spend the bulk of our time there. Also, the choices of decorative accessories in the bathroom can be limited, assuming that they are to survive in an atmosphere of constant moisture and humidity.

But when there is a will, there is a way. There is no excuse for us not to bring the bathroom up to shape alongside the rest of our living spaces. Besides, an incongruously lifeless bathroom will crack your guests’ perception right after they have experienced your meticulously curated and vogue living room.

1) Small stuff matters

We often place the bottles of shampoo and shower cream we buy from the supermarket shelves directly in the bathroom. That is all very convenient, but these bottles seldom match in size or colour and may mess with your bathroom decor.

Furthermore, having them in the bathroom is the equivalent to free advertising to your guests. Consider placing the shampoo liquid in a customised holder instead, especially one that matches with the overall style of your decor. Also, a transparent holder will look attractive if the shampoo liquid happens to be vividly coloured.

2) Matching towels

Consider the base colour of the bathroom when choosing the colour of your towel. If the bathroom is predominantly white, then refrain from repeating it with your towels as it will cause them to blend. Having plain colours for your entire bathroom will make it feel lifeless and dull, while bright, striking colours create an energetic look.

Those wanting to play safe can go with a single dominant colour and another shade as a compliment. To give your bathroom an added depth, administer the full-colour spectrum to your collection of towels. Start by using the darkest shade for your biggest towel, then gently tone it down as the size decreases.

3) Aromatherapy

The presence of organic soap and scented candles will immediately create a luxurious feel to your bathroom. Apart from that, they make for excellent aromatherapy to help you relax and unwind after a stressful day in the office.

Those opting for a greener freshener can place living house plants in the bathroom such as orchids or gardenias. Plants not only provide visual appeal, but they also serve the important function of absorbing toxins in this micro atmosphere. Ideally, the colour of the pot holding the plant should complement the bathroom.

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