About Us

The real estate boom has brought on an urgent need for practical, efficient, aesthetic, and also competitively priced housing, furnishing and living solutions.

Based on this understanding of the intricate need for a realistic platform in the market that will deliver genuine and solid results to reach the right consumers and optimize limited resources, the Perfect Livin Home Expo was created in 2008.

Covering every sector under one roof - from renovators, builders, architects, to electricians, decorators, landscape and interior designers - the exhibition aimed to provide the most complete and up-to-date range of technologies and products for a heightened home-ownership experience. With a panel of established and well known brands under one roof, the “Perfect Livin” exhibition became undeniably one of the best one-stop home-solutions in this modern era.

The Perfect Livin and Perfect Lifestyle quickly grew into the nation’s most successful home & lifestyle exhibitions.

By 2011, Perfect Livin’s PWTC editions in PWTC already breached the 1,000 booths mark, making it the largest exhibition of its kind.

The jewel of the organization drew the admiration and accolades of many, with Star Publications (M) Berhad acquiring it in August 2012.

The exhibition continued to grow annually. We run an average 12 to 15 exhibitions annually nationwide.