What should you know about ‘5 Star Energy Rating’?

What is it?

Introduced in 2006, the Energy Commission issued energy efficiency labels to manufacturers of electrical appliances who comply with the standards and requirements of energy performance tests. The energy efficiency label shows you the estimated energy consumption of electrical equipment based on a star rating system - 5-Star means the most efficient while 1-Star means the least efficient. With the star ratings, you can estimate how much electricity the appliance consumes.

In Malaysia, we have four 5-Star energy appliances certified by the Energy Commission of Malaysia, which includes the refrigerator, air-conditioner, fan and television. While they will be slightly more pricey than conventional appliances, 5-Star energy appliances will save you on hefty electricity bills for the long run.

Here is a detailed breakdown of each and every home appliance:

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Size matters for refrigerators

We will give you just one reason for you to switch to or buy a 5-Star energy fridge. This is the appliance that you will switch on 24 hours a day, seven days a week and throughout the year. Here is a good tip on buying a new 5-Star energy fridge. Listen to the salesperson's advice on the refrigerator that will match your lifestyle and the number of people living in your house. It is unnecessary to buy a big fancy refrigerator if you have a small family or dine out regularly.

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Standby mode for television

It is good that you always switch off your television when no one is watching. It is also good that you set a timer on your television in case you fall asleep. But  what you do not realise is that the electricity is still running even when your television is on standby mode. According to Sustainable Energy Development Authority (Seda) Malaysia, 2.2 watt of electricity is running per hour when your television is on standby mode. Imagine how much electricity you will waste for the whole year when your television is on standby mode all the time. Switching to 5-Star energy television could help you to reduce the amount of energy wasted.

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Air-conditioners and fans

Living in a tropical country like Malaysia will make us so attached to our air-conditioners and fans. We hesitate to switch off our fans even if no one is around because we believe it could promote better ventilation in our house. Obviously, the air conditioner consumes a higher amount of electricity, especially when switched on for a more extended period and at a lower temperature setting. While you deserve to be comfortable in your own home, here are extra tips to reduce your electricity bill. Use the optimum temperature setting of 24°C and set your air conditioner on a timer when you go to bed. 

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Benefits of using 5-star appliances

When you are looking to buy an appliance, look at the label. There is information on its energy consumption that will help you choose the most efficient model. Remember that5-Star appliances are the most energy efficient and will:

  • save money in the long run.

  • reduce carbon footprint created by electricity generation

  • improve the quality of your life

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