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Home-grown natural latex mattress brand Getha has launched three radiation protection mattresses at a week-long roadshow in Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

The event themed “Time to wake up” is being held at the mall’s Centre Court until April 18, showcasing the Getha Compass Collection, namely Compass Star, Compass Green and Compass Gold 100.

Getha chief executive officer Melissa Tan said these mattresses were ideal for anyone who were in need of better sleep as one of the important functions of this collection was the Biocare radiation protection technology.“This technology blocks low-frequency radiation emitted from smartphones, WiFi, Bluetooth and electromagnetic fields, ” she said.

According to her, Biocare reduces static electricity that causes tension and stress, and it regulates the body’s biorhythm to promote sleep quality while preventing odour from bacteria.

Aiming to include Biocare into all its range, Tan said the new collection came with its own Biocare Duvet, which can also be purchased separately.

“We started Biocare in 2015 and through the years, we have improved its technology and more importantly, its price.

“Previously, we could not include the duvet in a package (deal) as its price started at more than RM1,000 and consumers found it to be too expensive but now, we have successfully included them with the latest Compass Collection, providing 360-degree protection, ” she said.

All Getha mattresses consist of 100% natural latex that conform to the natural curves of the body, giving the best support and comfort for sleep.

“When you sleep comfortably, the possibility of achieving deep sleep is higher and your body’s restoration process will happen more quickly to grow muscle, repair tissue and synthesise hormones, ” she said.

Visitors can move across five stations collecting QR code scans at the roadshow, to be presented at the first pit stop to redeem a mystery gift. They are also encouraged to participate in mini games for a chance to win additional prizes.

The last station houses the latest Compass Collection along with Dream King, Intercontinental Plush 2 and Intercontinental Plush 3, where visitors can touch and experience the mattresses, which are sanitised after each visitor’s interaction.

Tan highlighted her current favourite bedding product — the 100% multilayer natural latex mattress Compass Gold 100 — which comes with a complimentary Biocare Silk Duvet.

The entry-level Compass Star is designed with a three-in-one combination of natural latex, rubber-like coconut fibre and ozone foam for a medium-firm experience, while the Compass Green uses Talalay latex as its main material for cloud-like comfort. Both come equipped with a Biocare Duvet.

The brand is running event-only purchase-with-purchase promotions such as a 50% off Tencel Nano Silver Bed Sheet set and Quilt Cover Nano Silver Tencel priced at RM499.

For more information, visit www.getha.com.my.

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