Making Little Ones’ Wishes Come True

Most children have a specific vision of their ideal bedroom. Most of the ideas are from the epic movies they watch and observe. So when it comes to decorating or renovating their bedrooms, parents might want to set into their tiny shoes to understand them better.

Here are some helpful ideas.

Play with colours

Different colours evoke different emotions. For instance, red denotes energy, blue calmness and yellow happiness. Thus painting with complementary colours can help channel kids’ emotions in positive ways.

Alternatively, a creative mix of coloured wallpaper can make kids excited every time they spend their time in the bedroom. Not to mention the joy they will feel when they see their favourite colours on their bedroom walls.

Wall of Wonders

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Let your children embrace their drawing, colouring, and painting skills in their room. Allow them to scribble on the wall. By doing this, you can enhance their creativity. The bonus is that your kids will stop scribbling on the walls of the rest of the house since you have given them that venue of expression in their room.

Voguish style storage

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Parents can use stylish storage spaces from hidden cabinets to wall pods to keep clothes, toys and books. As a space saver, parents can install hidden drawers under their children’s beds, for example. With this, children can keep their personal items under their beds. What’s more, there are a ton of ideas that can individualise the room to suit any child’s taste.

Special space

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Create a personal space for your kids. Kids enjoy the spacious room with their toys and friends around. One way is to create a small fort for reading time.

‘Storytime in the fort with teddy’ will be an excellent opportunity for you to spend time with your children. Storytime in a special place will never go wrong and encourages excitement towards reading.

Bedroom themes

Kids love bedrooms that hinge on Disneyland, cars, spaceships, pirates, marvel superheroes, navy, or fairy-tale themes. While this can be costly, budget-tight parents can opt for a little imagination and time to deck out their children’s room. For instance, attaching wheels to the bed frame and adding steel structures to resemble a rally car. Racing car pictures and typographic can enhance this look. And a few carefully chosen furniture can be used to complete the car-themed room.

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