Organise your home better with these 30-minute projects

When clearing drawers or shelves, get ready baskets or boxes to separate the items that you want to keep or donate. Photo: 123rf.com

The thought of getting your house in order can be overwhelming, especially if you have many areas that need tidying up. People tend to put off such tasks because they don’t know where to start.

However, if you break down the tasks into smaller jobs, and spread them out over days – or weeks – progress is a sure thing.

Here are five things you can do within 30 minutes, according to containerstore.com, that can start the ball rolling.


1. Create a communication hub

Often, there is a place in our home where things tend to pile up – think console table or the kitchen counter.

But that’s the perfect spot to set up a family communication centre.

Put a calendar there to keep track of everyone’s activities. Have a magnetic white board to jot down to-dos and pin up notes and lists.

Another useful tip is to place a container or basket there for dry cleaning receipts and other reminders.

2. Declutter your junk drawer

Admit it; we all have one, and it is often filled to the brim. To get started on your junk drawer, remove all the contents and decide which item to keep and which to go.

If you are unsure, here’s a simple tip; a junk drawer in the kitchen should only hold items you use when you’re in the kitchen.

3. Make a project box

Set up a portable project box that your children can fill with art and craft supplies and carry to any room in the home, or even when travelling.

Fill the box with drawing paper, sketch books, colour pencils, crayons and so on. Create different compartments in the box with smaller containers so that things can be found easily.

4. Store cherished memories

Family photos and children’s artwork are precious memories that you would want to keep for a long time.

Dedicate several minutes at a time to go through your photos and sort them by date or occasion. Then get storage boxes or binders to store them.

5. Toss out old toiletries

Everyone probably has makeup and toiletries hoarded in their shelves or drawers that they don’t use or have forgotten about.

Take everything out and throw what you don’t use or anything that has passed the expiration date.

Clean and disinfect the space and put only the things that you regularly use in a basket or box.

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