No More Manual Backwash with an Automatic System Water Filter

Last week? Last month? Last year?

Did you know that the longer you drag on backwashing your outdoor water filter, the more you expose yourself to all sorts of unwanted contaminants in your water?

What if you had an outdoor water filter that can do backwashing on its own automatically?

Bacfree has provided that with Luna, a smart outdoor water filter with automatic backwash.

You can preset the time and day of the week for the backwash to run automatically by itself. Users usually set the automatic backwash after midnight, as that is when you don’t use any water so your daily activities aren’t affected.

Luna also uses 6 layers of multi-media filtration, instead of the usual membrane filters in the market.

Why use MMF (Multi-media Filter) and not membrane filter?

MMF uses carbon, anthracite, quartz sand, crystals and stones to filter water, while membrane filter uses a thin, permeable layer to do the same. However, for point-of-entry filters (i.e., outdoor filters), MMF is the recommended choice because:

  1. Outdoor filters require a higher flow rate to provide filtered water for all the taps in the entire home. The flow rate for MMF filters is higher compared to membrane.

  2. Outdoor filters filter water that are directly from our municipal source. As such, there may be more sediments and small matters to filter. These may get clogged and cause a lower flow rate in a membrane filter due to it being more fine. Which leads to...

  3. The maintenance and servicing for membrane filter is more frequent due to the reasons above, compared to only one time servicing every 2 years for MMF filters (Luna).

Hence, Bacfree believes that membrane filters are more suitable for point-of-use for indoor water filters, after filtration at the point-of-entry by MMF outdoor filters.

Moreover, Bacfree provides water test reports after installations to test several parameters of the water, so that customers can better understand their water. The official water tests are done professionally in Bacfree’s in-house laboratory.

Bacfree has been the pioneer of water filters in Malaysia since 1982, providing water filtration systems for households throughout Malaysia, and for iconic buildings like KLCC, Gleneagles Hospital, Legoland, and Ikea.

If you’re ready, visit ​www.bacfree.com.my​.

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