Compact Kitchen Designs

Having a comfortable space in a home is a great satisfaction for every homeowner. But with the size of houses and apartments becoming smaller, compact designs will become more mainstream than before.

For people who love to cook and for those who are cooking for themselves during the movement control order (MCO), having a functional kitchen has suddenly taken precedence. With less kitchen space allotted to smaller homes, here are several ideas that you can use to maximise your kitchen space.

Keep your kitchen simple

Nothing can make a room look bigger than having plain white walls, so why not take it a little further with sleek, contemporary features that open the space. Your buddies in any small kitchen are light, reflective materials and minimal designs. So, do consider using white or frosted glass cabinet doors, along with stainless steel worktops and white splashback tilings.

Expandable workspace

Many designers are now coming up with expandable features which can temporarily increase your kitchen bench. This will give you more room to perform your kitchen duties, and once you have finished, the expandable parts can be folded or put aside to provide you with more room for your dining area.

Invest in flexible storage

Having a lot of items in the kitchen is common for every homeowner. Therefore, we should think carefully about how to store all these items and utensils thoroughly.

Besides having kitchen cabinets that you can use to store your storage, consider adding tiny cubbies to fill the space above the window or your range hood for extra storage. You might want to invest in a handy step ladder to reach the storage space that's out of reach.

Tidy your work surface

A tidy kitchen will give the illusion of more space. What's more, family and friends will be more impressed with how clean the kitchen is despite pushing out meals fit for kings.

Deciding on a suitable arrangement for your regularly-used kitchen items is paramount. Not only will they be in easy reach, but they can be put away with ease, which will also increase the space you need to prepare food. Alternatively, sinks can be temporarily covered up to increase your workbench area.

Supersize the sink

Your little kitchen in your compact home does not have space for a dishwasher. So, making room for a double sink is worthwhile. Keep one sink for washing and the other for dirty dishes. To ensure sufficient space, dry and store your utensils, pots and pans, plates, bowls and other kitchen items out of sight so you will have a clear cooking space at all times.

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