Electrifying tips on saving electricity at home

Have you ever been so worried about the rising cost of living and dreading utility bills that you seem to be overly anxious every month? The truth is that nobody likes bills. 

While it is a no-brainer while more people are staying home now, this has caused a significant spike in your electricity usage, which results in a heavier electricity bill. Looking for ways to save electricity at home? Here are some shocking (pun intended) tips on how to save electricity and at the same time ease your pocket and help mother earth.

Tip 1: Set a timer and suitable temperature

One of the most efficient ways to save electricity is to set your thermostat at a suitable temperature that does not make your aircon unit work too hard but still keep the room temperature at comfortable levels. Studies show that somewhere between 22°C and 24°C is the ideal cost-saving temperature. Do note that you are potentially saving on your electricity bill for every Celsius of cooling you shave off. 

Tip 2: Unplug the plug

Did you know that electronic devices that are still plugged in are still conducting electricity? This is most likely the case for home appliances like televisions, computers and microwaves. And unplugged that phone charger of yours. Such appliances continue to draw phantom energy even if they are switched off. Unplugging all your unused electronics can save some of your hard-earned ringgit from your monthly bills.

Tip 3: Switch to LED lights

How does lighting your home using the same amount of light for less money sound to you? On an average household electricity bill, 5% is due to lighting. 

Remember the days when most of our homes used the typical incandescent light bulbs? Did you know that only 5% of energy is used to produce light energy? The remaining 95% all went to produce heat energy. The advent of LEDs has transformed the energy landscape as they can last at least 25 times longer and use 75% less energy than most incandescent bulbs. While LEDs pose as the more expensive alternative, they still save money in the long run because they last longer and use significantly less electricity. 

Reducing your carbon footprint at your home does not take much of an effort. It all comes down to how these little tweaks here and there can make a difference to your electricity bill.

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