How To Virus-Proof Your House (Part 3)

It seems that an early end to the virus is not yet in sight as Malaysians hunker down to weather a third wave infection. While we await favourable news for an effective vaccine, there is still the on-going battle to ensure the safety of our families. 

As much as we try not to invite this microscopic predator into our homes, sometimes it is just unavoidable.  Putting food on the table entails us to venture out or go to work, which exposes us to the possible exposure of the virus. But a cautious person can minimise that risk to an acceptable level. Let us observe these additional tips to achieve a more hygienic environment:

Separate baskets

The apparel you use when venturing out should always be washed, even when worn once. Ideally, you may want to separate them from the clothes used indoors with another basket. The idea is to treat all outdoor clothes as potential virus hazards.

Why not gloves?

The previous regulations required masks as a prerequisite for outdoor movement. But why not take the added initiative to wear gloves, since doorknobs and handrails at public places are touched by hundreds of people? 

These can come in the form of plastic or rubber, but try opting for an environmental-friendly product. After using, just dispose of them right before stepping into your home.

Bath then hug

Try to keep body contact to a minimum right after arriving home from work or from the market. Head straight for the bathroom and make sure you use a decent disinfectant shampoo and soap or shower gel. Pay special attention to hard-to-clean areas such as the fingernails, and hair. Speaking of nails, you may want to keep them trimmed. Only after you are squeaky clean, then that it is time for the hugs and kisses.

Treat those groceries

Just like your clothes, place your groceries and shopping items away from other household objects, best at a space near the entrance of your home. There is where you perform all the necessary disinfection before bringing them over to the kitchen or to other parts of the home.

More mopping

Families with curious, crawling babies should pay special attention to floor hygiene. If you are going out of your house often, then it is best to mop the floor at a higher frequency than normal. Use a cleaning solution that washes as well as disinfect to help save time and effort.

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