How to feng shui your way to success in the Year of the Ox

Enhance your good fortune using nine pots of plants or nine bamboo plants secured with a red ribbon placed at the northeast direction this year. Photo: 123rf.com

To enhance your good fortune this year, there are some things you can do in your home or office, according to feng shui beliefs. Here are some tips from feng shui master Lee Cheng Hoe on how to make the most of the Year of the Ox.

Magnify the lucky stars

There are various auspicious locations in 2021 according to the Annual Flying Star Feng Shui Chart. You are in luck if your bedroom, main door, office or shop is located in any of them. But there are also ways to increase your good fortune.

The West is where the Number 8 White (Earth) Annual Star is located. As we are presently in Period 8, the Number 8 Star is the best of all as it is the current wealth location.

Activate it using a fan or clock to stimulate the flow of auspicious energies. Further enhance the qi with a treasure bowl full of crystals. Install a ‘moving water’ feature to energise it for added prosperity.

In the South is the Number 1 White (Water) Annual Star which is good for wealth, love and career. Activate it using a water feature. Those who wish to find a partner, enhance their sales volume or increase their wealth should utilise this sector.

The Number 6 White (Metal) Annual Star in the Centre is conducive towards career advancement and brings windfalls and other indirect wealth opportunities. Energise it using a crystal ball with Six Emperor Coins. Spend more time here if you wish to increase your chances of striking the lottery.

The Number 9 Purple (Fire) Annual Star at the Northeast brings good news or happy events such as getting married or having a baby. It is also the secondary wealth sector. Enhance your good fortune using nine pots of plants or nine bamboo plants secured with a red ribbon. Also, shine a bright light and place a red carpet there too. Those who wish to have a baby should spend more time here and keep the area well activated. Note that the Northeast is the location for the Grand Duke (Tai Sui) as well this year, hence no renovations, knocking or breaking of walls should be done in this area. The Number 4 Green (Wood) Annual Star in the East makes it the best place for scholastic achievement and is particularly good for brainstorming and decision-making. Utilise this sector for a better relationship among couples or to enhance potential romantic encounters. Activate it with Wen Fang Si Bao (Four Treasures of the Study) or a Wen Chang pagoda or put four bamboo plants in a vase filled with water. Take note that the Three Killings (feng shui afflictions) is also in the East this year, but that can be remedied with three small Qi Lin (Chinese unicorn or dragon horse) to reduce the negative impact.

Bamboo plants can enhance your good fortune when placed in the Northeast and East locations in 2021. Photo: bearfotos/Freepik

Suppress negative energies

Fret not if you are currently stuck in an unfavourable location. To reduce the impact of the inauspicious stars, Master Lee recommends some steps that you can take.

The Number 5 Yellow (Earth) Annual Star in the Southeast makes it the worst location and the most dangerous sector. No renovations, hammering or breaking of walls in this area should be done.

Beware of accidents and obstacles. Remedy with Fortune Water (also known as An Ren Shui or salt water cure), but be careful not to have ‘moving water’ features there. Avoid having any red-coloured objects in this area.

The Number 7 (Metal) Annual Star in the Northwest makes it a hotspot for arguments, theft, robberies and health issues. Suppress the negative energies using a glass of water with coarse salt.

The Number 2 Black (Earth) Annual Star at the North sector triggers illness and loss of wealth besides making it the place where unwanted spirits like to gather. Remedy using Fortune Water or Five Emperor Coins or a Bronze Dragon Turtle.

The Number 3 Jade (Wood) Annual Star at the Southwest sparks constant arguments, and in extreme cases, may lead to lawsuits. Remedy with a red-coloured object such as a red carpet, red light or red sofa. The Southwest is also in direct conflict with the Grand Duke, hence avoid renovations, or the hammering or breaking of walls there.

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