Common But Hidden Defects In Your Home (Part 2)

It is an exciting moment of your life to receive the keys to your home. But the hurdles aren’t over, not when there are things to be done, especially during the defect liability period where faults and defects are discovered and hopefully, repaired.

Defects that are easily spotted shouldn’t be much of a problem as they can be rectified, but what about the hidden ones? Here is another list of the common defects that may elude your scrutinising eyes:

Improper electrical connection

Plug points and switches may appear immaculate and functional, but you never know if they provide power until you try them out individually. Yet again, the holistic condition of your home circuitry is still in question as they may contribute to problems that are not apparent until much later. For example, frequent power surges or current fluctuations may be a product of a faulty electrical circuitry.

The doors won’t close

Similar to electrical points, you should test out every door in the home, be it the bathroom, bedroom or even the cupboards, assuming that your unit comes with furnishing. Some doors will not close as the size is incompatible with the frame, while others revolve around flawed hinges that break upon inspection.

Saturated walls

The soft dark patches adorning the walls or ceiling may appear innocuous, but it might signify water leakage into the layers of your home. A common cause of penetrating damp is the faulty joints between window and wall. Also, the external ground level may be higher than the internal flooring of your home, which allows water from the soil to seep inside.

Over time, these nascent patches will spread, accompanied with the growth of mould and peeling paint. Then there is the musty, stale odour in the home, which is associated with the fungus. People who make contact with the wall will also experience an unwelcoming damp and clammy feel.

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