Five Signs That You Are Ready To Be An Upgrader

Congratulations, you have reached the latest milestone in your life by owning a house. Your parents and grandparents are undoubtedly nodding their heads in approval as you have fulfilled the Asian cultural need of having your own roof.

But for most people, the first home is rarely the last. There will come a time when these individuals might want to upgrade to a bigger and better house. Here are some of the signs that it is time for an upgrade.

1. Grab bars

You are a young couple no more. The sound of babies crying and laughing fills your love nest, and that is a great thing. If you are planning to have more children in the future, then the number of bedrooms in your house needs to be reconsidered. Ideally, one bedroom should be apportioned for one family member. Then again, you also need to account for visiting relatives and guests who are staying for the night.

2. Wait a minute. Babies grow?

The time has come to facilitate the transition of your little angels from infancy to adulthood. As your children grow older and become aware of their sexuality, it isn’t appropriate to place your daughter and son in the same room. In such a case, having separate rooms is important, but your current home does not permit that.

Education is important, and you wouldn’t want your children to learn in unreputable schools. Having a house nearby quality educational facilities reduces the transit time of transporting your kids to school and back. Your college-ready teenagers also need to attend college or university, and perhaps, you do not want to be apart from them because ohana means family, and nobody gets left behind.

3. Space is a luxury you no longer have

The house feels cramped and crowded. You find yourself sitting down and thinking of new ways to arrange and rearrange your furniture. Decluttering your home helps for a while, but soon you realise that it is no longer enough. The items that you don’t need have mostly been removed, and now you consider taking out the things you need. Testimony to your great parenting skills, your children are growing bigger too. However, they will require more space as they gather the odds and ends that interest their particular age group.

4. Privacy

Raising a family while juggling work is a tough business, and every couple needs a time out to work on their marriage. Sadly, your older children are now equipped with the knowledge about the “birds and bees” activities that you and your spouse may be inclined to perform. They need a room far away from the master bedroom, and ideally, several thick layers of walls to separate their eager ears from your nightly escapades.

5. Improved purchasing power

You and your spouse are climbing the corporate ladder, getting promotions and increments that raise the family’s standard of living and purchasing power. Team Mom and Dad sit down at the table and realise that their combined income can now comfortably pay off the monthly loan instalment for a new house. You begin to visualise how a new home would look like, and day by day, the idea begins to grow until it crystallises.

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