Make Your House Elderly-Friendly

Living together and caring for one’s parents is a blessing. Not only do we return to them what we once received, but we also inculcate respect in the younger generation towards the elderly. A simple way to show our appreciation towards them is by making the very house in which we stay in, a less hazardous place for them. Here are some practical ideas:

1. Grab bars

The golden generation is prone to lose their balance as they age, and the presence of grab bars go a long way towards ensuring their safety.

Place them not only in the shower area but the toilet as well. Other aspects to consider are a wider entryway to allow wheelchair access. Ideally, the width of the bath area should be able to accommodate the revolution of an individual who uses a wheelchair.

2. Non-slip bathroom flooring

With a layer of water upon the floor, most bathroom tiles are potential hazards waiting to happen. It may be a hassle to remove the original tiles that came with the house, and rather expensive too. Keep it simple with non-slip bathroom floorings. They are budget-friendly and easy to install.

3. Pull beats twist

The young and healthy wouldn’t care much about the significance of a rotational doorknob, but the same cannot be said for older people with arthritis. Circular movements may injure their wrists, as their joints are no longer flexible. The same applies to faucets attached to the sink. Opt for the more inclusive lever-operated version that can be engaged by a simple pull.

4. Safer stairs

For starters, having rails at the sides will provide balance for the individual navigating the stairs. Since older adults may be visually challenged, you can add contrasting colours to define the edge of the treads. As an added precaution, use overhead lighting to brighten up the area.

5. Within reach

Regardless of safety features, having your old parents climb up and down the stairs is a numbers game. As they age, so will their sense of balance deteriorate. You may prevent a tragedy from happening by placing their rooms on the ground floor. Their objects of interest should be within easy reach, and you can accommodate that by furnishing their room with easy-access drawers and storage.

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