Five Things To Consider For Upgraders

The time has come for you to move on to a bigger house. It could possibly be due to your growing family or the fact that your net income has improved. Regardless, upgraders have every interest to move into a house that enhances their standard of living, not deduct from it. Here are a few things to consider before making that big move in your life:

1. Rooting down or moving on

If you have every intention to make this upgrade your last, then a generational home is in order. Homes that suit such a purpose should be practically spacious and elderly-friendly. Figuratively speaking, we don’t exactly own it, but merely keeping it for the next generation. In this instance, the factor of leasehold or freehold is a deciding feature.

2. Matching facilities to lifestyle

Accommodating your growing family doesn’t only involve adding space. The children need quality education and a place to grow and have fun. Consider having your house nearby educational institutions to reduce transit time between delivering your kids to school and getting them back. Concerning facilities, landed homes give more space for your family to frolic, but these developments do not come with the more sophisticated facilities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, jacuzzi and sauna room which are attributable to high rise properties.

3. Space management

Pay attention to the price per sq ft of the house to get the best return for your money. Ideally, you will want to match the number of rooms offered in the unit with the current and future members of your family. Here family planning meets future housing.

4. Safety for the children

Consider a high-rise property if security is your main concern, as such developments usually come with the added CCTV surveillance, card access and lobby feature. Conversely, security in some landed properties can be rudimentary with the occasional security guard patrol and a gated perimeter. However, many strata landed properties have up the game. These gated-and-guarded homes come with better security measures as well as clubhouses offering facilities usually in luxury condominiums.

5. Is it necessary?

Make it a point to consider the practical nature behind your upgrading intentions. Why commit a huge sum of money to buy a house in a particular area when you can check it out first by renting there for a period of time. Soak up the neighbourhood ambience and discover if the nightlife in the surrounding is unruly. The attitude of the tenants and house owners nearby also affect the price of properties. Such undesirable elements usually reveal themselves once you are properly settled in the place.

Is the space of the current house too cramped for the growing family? Curb that hoarding instinct and engage in some decluttering work to make space for the house.

As much as we hate to admit it, most people want a bigger house to get relatives and friends to respect them. Maybe it’s not the house that needs to be changed, but the people in their lives. Regardless of the size of your house, relatives and friends should be there for you. That is why they are called relatives and friends.

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