When Tastes Clash - A Grille Problem

Installing grilles for doors and windows is for better security but aesthetics matter too.

Grilles are usually installed for safety purposes to prevent break-ins, but aesthetics are equally important, especially when maintaining the value of a property.

After all, one would not want to appear like living in prison or give the impression that the housing estate or condominium is prone to burglary.

Most Malaysians are familiar with installing grilles for their doors and windows. The question is whether the designs can cause a clash with neighbours since one person’s taste differs from another’s. And there are the restrictions given to homeowners when they are living in high-rise units or gated-and-guarded homes.

Controlled by management

Most condominium and serviced apartment management control and limit grille designs to ensure uniformity. And some do not allow external window grilles. However, this does not restrict owners from installing internal window grilles.

As there are many owners within condominium or serviced apartment developments, their tastes in designs also vary, hence, having a single design will not please everyone.

Blame should not be placed on the management corporation that is managing a high-rise development as having too many kinds of grille doors can also have a negative effect in devaluing a property, especially if neighbours choose gaudy designs.

A compromise can be made during an annual general meeting where the majority of owners can agree to a few designs as options rather than just a singular one.

Dispute between neighbours

Since it is a matter of taste, sometimes having some control is better than none. For example, what happens when your neighbour feels the design you have chosen will devalue their property? You may like what you have selected, but your neighbours think it is an eyesore. This can lead to conflicts with your neighbours.

In the case where a management corporation is in charge, they can force the owner to remove the offending grille. But in housing estates where there is no such management, it is best to talk to your neighbours before installing your grille.

Safety vs looks

When it comes to safety versus aesthetics, there are many issues to be considered. Fancy grille designs can be visually appealing but lack practicality. If better security is the main concern, then it is best to choose grilles of high quality that will keep you safe. But be wary that precautions need to be taken as well in case of fire. Windows can be escape routes during a fire so be sure to install grilles that can be opened in an emergency. There is always a solution to every problem. Take up necessary steps if you wish to evade such issues.

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