Upscaling Your Landscape Like A Pro

We are often more fixated on creating an interior of a home that is charming and stylish rather than enhancing the exterior. One reason is that outdoor work appears to take more effort.

But rest assured that creating a Zen-like landscape is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need is patience and a little bit of creativity to turn your chunk of barren land into a mini paradise of your own. Here are some tips on how you can upscale your landscape.

Start with a list

Before you take on more than you can handle, be sure you know what you want and need. Draw out a budget and sketch a general layout of your land. Do you really want a fishpond or would you rather have a vegetable or herb garden?

Roughly list out things you would want. Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a style? Go for one that resonates with your personality. If you are not the kind who wants to spend hours to upkeep the garden, choose one that is low maintenance.

Site analysis

Test your soil. The secret to any thriving and captivating garden is good soil. With a myriad of plants, trees and shrubs that require different types of soil, it is best to know what works for yours.

The easiest way for you to test your soil is by taking a handful of moist soil and squeezing it hard. If you open your hands and it holds its shape persistently, you have clay soil. If it falls apart the minute you open your hands, you have sandy soil. If it holds its shape and crumbles only when given a nudge then you are fortuitous - You have loam which is the most suitable soil for most plants.

Research on plants

With your knowledge of the type of soil you have, you can move onto the next step and pick out the type of greenery you want. If you feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure of what to choose, you can always pay the nursery or a landscaper a visit. They will be able to guide you through the process. Make sure you are aware of the upkeep, exposure, and how big the plants will grow. You want something that fits your lifestyle. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for plants that are resilient such as cactus, which are almost impossible to kill. Throw in a couple of flowering plants to add splashes of colour into your sea of green. Bougainvillaea, ixora and morning glories are pretty and easy to maintain, making them suitable even for the busiest of us.

Place to unwind

Take advantage of your greenery by incorporating a place for you to lounge. Simple features such as benches, cushioned seats, swing chairs, gazebos or even a hammock will enable you to enjoy the evening breeze in your very own natural getaway. Invest in proper outdoor furniture made to withstand the Malaysian weather.

Incorporate technology

With the right mix of technology, you can spruce up your little slice of paradise. Use solar lighting, water fountains and modern design features to accentuate to your landscape. But don't overdo it. You want a place to relax and not overrun with too many gizmos.

Just be sure to take it a bit at a time and have fun throughout the process. The end result is definitely worth it.

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