Maximise Your Compact Apartment

Compact apartments are small. But Malaysia is still relatively lucky in the sense that the compact apartments here are not as tiny as some of the legendary closets Hong Kong is infamous for.

With smaller apartments coming to the fore due to land scarcity and cost issues, maximising such homes has become an art of sorts. The focus for owners of tiny homes should be to maximise their space.

Most amateurs would opt for light colours, usually painting it white to create a sense of airiness. However, there are more effective ways to make your apartment look bigger than it really is. Here are a few ideas:

Say it with mirrors

Using mirrored walls can give the illusion that your unit is doubled its actual size. It is a good idea to figure out where is the best place to put such mirrors.

Avoid areas where the mirrored walls will reflect an unappealing part of your room as you don’t want to double the unattractiveness. Your mirrored walls should always be used to reflect the best light and features in your home.

Seek the help of an interior designer if you are uncertain where to place your mirrors.

Foldable furniture

Opt for foldable furniture which would ultimately make your life much more comfortable. Foldable furniture takes up very minimal space. You can put such furniture away whenever it is not in use. In addition, choosing furniture that offers dual-usage will save room. Needless to say, sofa beds are popular among owners of small units.

There are many designs of sofa beds and other dual-usage furniture in the market. Using such furniture not only makes your apartment less cluttered, but it can also save expenditures.


Having too many items will make any place look cluttered. This effect is compounded in small units which are already tight with space. Decluttering not only helps you rid of unwanted items but also frees up space to exploit it for your needs. Just remember that with tiny homes, less is more.

Hidden storage

Hidden storage cabinets in your apartment is another way to maximise your compact apartment. All it takes is a little imagination like boxed seats that can double-up as storage for books and magazines or mask a home-office in a hidden armoire.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Want more furniture ideas for your home? Check out https://perfectlivin.com/home/ and start living in a small apartment that gives you the feeling of a home with all the space and creature comforts you will love.

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