Is the Wet Kitchen Still Relevant?

The kitchen is the place where it all begins. It is the place where food is stored, prepared and cooked. And after the food has been eaten, it is where the pots, pans, dishes and cutlery are washed. Everyone loves food, so it is fitting that so much attention is given to the kitchen.

In Malaysia, where many people are food lovers, it is not unusual to find two kitchens - a wet one and a dry counterpart - within a home.

In a nutshell, a wet kitchen is where all the heavy-duty cooking takes place, while a dry kitchen is used for preparations and light cooking.

The wet kitchen is usually situated in the back of the home away from the dining and sitting areas where the strong cooking smells will not seep into the sofa fabrics and curtains. Large windows, exhaust fans and cooker hoods are synonymous with these kitchens.

The dry kitchen is usually air-conditioned and open to the dining area or living room. There will still be a sink where dirty dishes and cutlery can be washed.

However, most modern homes only have one kitchen due to the smaller space and the rising price of homes.

These modern kitchens have merged both aspects of the wet and dry kitchens into a singular one, which begs the question: Is the wet kitchen still relevant?


Clean and tidy kitchen space is very important. One characteristic of a good kitchen is to have it cleaned and tidied easily. This will give another level of satisfaction to the homeowners after they have done their cooking.

People have this misconception that a wet kitchen, as the name implies, will be wet and messy. Contrary to this belief, a wet kitchen can be equally tidy and clean. It depends on the user.

Leaving an impression

Homeowners want to build a good impression for anyone who visits their home. In the event of two kitchens, the wet kitchen ought to be hidden. It is the dry kitchen with its glossy finishings, coupled with great lighting, that will be the showcase.

Furthermore, the smart use of space makes the modern dry kitchen even more perfect. Who isn’t excited to see this kind of kitchen design.

Kitchen's functionality and practicality

It is more functional to have a practical kitchen with a lot of storage space to store all the kitchen items. Compact kitchens can be just as efficient when thought has been given to their designs to make them practical. A bigger kitchen means more space, but it can clutter up all too quickly if storage space is insufficient.

Keeping the smell away

If you happen to live in an apartment with confined space, consider investing in a hod and hood with an exhaust fan drawing out the odour of cooking.

Most hobs and hoods do not have the exhaust fans, and they mitigate the smell through the usage of filters. Leaving the doors and windows open will help to air out your home.

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