Getting That Dream Bedroom

Ever thought of having that chic bedroom featured in one of those interior design magazines? It really isn’t that hard. With a little dose of creativity and some mix and match here and there, even the dullest little corner in the house can bloom. Let's observe these few tricks:

Reading time

If your bedroom is roomy enough, then it is time to commission your very own reading spot. Start by placing a simple accent chair by the wall, best it is by the window for natural light. 

Complement that with a bookshelf at the corner with your choice reads. As a bonus, pamper your feet by positioning a furry rug by the foot of the chair. Now that it is one private spot anyone can be proud of. 

Built-in bed

Built-in-furniture is one sure way to save space while looking good at it. They may come with empty slots by the side or pullout drawers for additional holding capacity. Depending on the availability of space, having a built-in-bedroom is a good starting point, then move onward to the work table.

Side mirrors

Dark corners can be a gloomy addition to bedrooms without windows. One way to overcome this is by adding mirrors at the side to bounce more light across the room. Also, it is a cheap way to give the room more depth and space.

Matching frames

If you have a taste for walls filled with photos, then place them into frames of a singular colour. Match this with your bed frame and if possible, the furniture. Black frames make a fine contrast with white walls.

Paint the floors

People don’t usually consider painting the floor, and that is true, depending on the type of material. But it is a viable option if your floor is composed of dull planks that need some serious touch-up. A fresh coat of wood varnish will rejuvenate the planks. Alternatively, you can try this simple idea of a bright blue floor against a white backdrop for striking decor.

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