Tips for organic gardening at home

It’s important to not just grow one type of plant, but to use mixed cultivation instead. — dpa

If you want to start organic and sustainable gardening at home, you need to be environmentally aware from the very beginning. That’s because organic gardening is more than just not using artificial fertiliser.

It’s important to not just grow one type of plant, but to use mixed cultivation instead. Awareness campaigners for organic gardening in Germany suggest growing a good amount of native flowers and wildflowers, heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables, as well as a wide range of plant types.

Furthermore, year-round ground cover protects against soil erosion, according to Germany’s Federal Office for Agriculture and Food.

Mulching, i.e. covering the surface of the soul with straw, grass cuttings or leaves, provides nutrients and ensures a balanced soil climate. You now have the perfect fertile soil for your plants.

The plants should be organically grown and not be hybrids. Hobby gardeners should make sure that the plant varieties they choose are resistant and grown from seeds of plants from pure lines – and can reproduce naturally. And, of course, native plants should be prioritised over invasive, non-native species.

In addition to the plants, the garden as a whole should be laid out in such a way that it is in harmony with the environment. This includes thinking about the animals that live in the garden. At certain times of the year, for example, you should leave piles of leaves lying around.

Insects and some small animals will find a home there when the weather gets colder. You should also use rainwater to water your plants. – dpa

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