Win With Six Easy Herbs and Vegetables to Grow At Home

People are increasingly switching to a lifestyle of planting their own herbs and vegetables in their gardens to become more self-sufficient and promote environmental-conscious habits.

Growing your own herbs and vegetables also provides better food security during a crisis.

Moreover, owning a gardening patch saves you money in the long-run, and does not require much space or land. In fact, container gardening has become a popular trend for those living in compact homes or high-rise buildings.

Plus, the activity is a productive hobby to take up given the added time at home, and there’s a satisfaction in watching the fruits of your labour grow before your eyes then devouring them when they ripen.

Here are some herbs and vegetables participants can grow:

1. Lemongrass

Lemongrass, or more commonly known as Serai here in Malaysia, is also touted as a natural mosquito repellant, so there’s more than one advantage to growing this herb.

Place the lemongrass from the grocery store in a jar of water and wait for it to begin rooting. Once the roots have grown two or three inches, transfer to a pot of soil with proper drainage and provide plenty of sunlight.

Be warned though that lemongrass can grow pretty sizeable if planted outdoors so keep it in a pot and regularly trim to curb its growth.

2. Mint

Mint is surprisingly easy to grow and merely involves cutting off the top stems with its leaves intact. Place the seedlings in soil and keep it indoors, away from direct sunlight for a week.

But be careful of this herb because it grows like a weed and it will take over your garden.

Move it outdoors as it grows and water frequently. Besides using it as a herb or garnish for your dishes, mint is a great addition to your cup of tea.

3. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are a staple in Indian cooking and require very little maintenance. The easiest way to grow this plant is by using seedlings from a local nursery.

A trickier alternative is to use a curry leave stem with the leaves and branches intact. Shave the lower end of the stem, just below the lead node and plant in moist soil. Remove any dead branches as the plant grows over a few weeks.

4. Chilli

Add a dash of spiciness to your life with this attractive plant. All you have to do the next time you buy chilli is to keep the seeds.

Plant the seeds with soil and fertilizers. Water the plant daily and soon you will never need to make run to the supermarket to stock up on chillis ever again.

5. Spring Onions

In a mixture of organic compost and moist soil, place four to six red onions with the bulbs pointing upwards.

Keep the soil moist and away from direct sunlight and it should be ready for harvest in eight weeks.

6. Bok Choy

If you prefer to avoid the use of soil, Bok Choy is a vegetable that can easily be regrown in a container with water. Chop off the base of the bok choy similarly as you would chop off a celery base.

Leave the base to grow in a jar with water by the window sill or sunny location, with the chopped off section facing upwards. Change the water every alternate day.

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