New Norm: Property Redesign Ideas To Adapt

The Covid-19 pandemic created a new norm for everyone. This created a change that property developers have to take into consideration for their future projects.

Many are looking at high-tech technologies that may be suitable for their planning for skyscrapers, homes, and offices. Here are a few technological gadgets the next generation of homeowners may see.

Touch-free door

The touchless automatic door might just make it to developers' building plans. Doors can be opened automatically with a smart device, which validates and authenticates the owner for security measures. This eliminates the need to touch the door handles and as a bonus, comes in handy when both hands are carrying items like groceries.

Auto-clean escalator

This self-cleaning escalator is fast appearing in shopping centres. Many people are now afraid of holding on to the handrails, which could pose a safety risk, especially to the elderly. The great news is that the escalator now cleans and sanitises the handrails making it safe to hold. So, no worries about touching the escalator handrails for support.

Smart elevator

Have to sanitise your hand every time after pressing elevator buttons? Now users can worry less since buildings can be installed with smart elevators, eliminating the need to press buttons to access the floors required. What do you need? Just your mobile phone with the right mobile application.

Cardless access

Access cards for condominiums and offices can now be replaced with a customised mobile application for the specific property. This reduces the number of cards a person has to carry and also decreases the chances of having to touch a scanner when entering common entry points.

Public toilet

Sharing toilets can be a nightmare since we would never know the toilet hygiene of other users, especially with the recent spike of Covid-19 cases. Sensor faucets, automatic soap dispensers and smart hand dryers are in the market, but the self-cleaning toilet seat has yet to make an appearance. Automated floor cleaners may also be a new norm in the near future.

SThe presence of Covid-19 has affected many sectors in different ways. As a consequence, more smart technologies will slowly appear in the market to make everyone's lives safer.

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