7 Tips To Prepare For A Home Wedding

Home weddings are the norm for those on tight budgets or seeking more privacy.

With Valentine’s Day here, there may be some of you who are ready to take your relationship to the next phase and venture into marriage. For those proposing to their partners on this romantic day, you might want to consider a home wedding for more than one reason.

Having a wedding at home is a more cost-effective solution for couples to get married on a tight budget. Yet, a home wedding is also the choice for many of the world’s top celebrities seeking more privacy, creative freedom, familiarity and comfort that only a home wedding can provide.

While a home wedding may require a greater deal of effort and preparation, it is more customisable to your liking. And with the boom in short-term stay applications such as iBilik and Airbnb, couples are also able to book larger homes instead of hotels and event spaces to host a modest function (with the consent of the landlord of course).

Here are seven tips to prepare for a home wedding that may also be equally useful for any function including open houses:

Be prepared for bad weather

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Don’t take the risk of having an outdoor event without tents.

Hire canopy services to set up a tent which is particularly necessary given Malaysia’s tendency for thunderstorms. If your tent obstructs neighbourhood roads, then it is best to get a permit from the authorities.

Malaysian law makes it illegal to erect tents on public roads (Section 46 of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974) but it is allowable if prior permission is obtained from your local council. Don’t forget to invite your neighbours so they don’t kick up a fuss either!

Rent what you need

Wooden or decorative chairs add a touch of elegance as opposed to plastic ones.

Canopy services usually offer tables and chairs for rent. A wide variety of furniture, decorations, lighting and sound systems should be available for you to rent depending on the company you hire. Otherwise, rent what you need specifically by looking online!

Creating space is key

Rearrange furniture to create open spaces for guests to move around unhindered.

With the large presence of guests, the hindered flow of crowds in a home can become a pressing issue. Rearrange the furniture to create more open spaces to ease the movement of people. If there are multiple entrances and exits, ensure the access is not blocked to enable people to enter and leave more easily.

Store away anything valuable or irreplaceable

Mishaps tend to happen so store away irreplaceable furniture and ornaments.

Delicate or antique furniture and ornaments should be locked away to prevent damage or theft as guests roam about the house. If bedrooms are private areas during your event, then lock the doors to stop unwanted access.

Let there be light

Events at night or late evening will require additional lighting.

Lighting is a prime factor in setting the ambience and wedding vibes, especially if the event is at night. The safety and comfort of guests are paramount, so ensure all areas and walkways inside and outside your home are well lit.

A fresh coat of paint helps

Cover deteriorated walls with a decorative cloth if painting them is not an option.

Peeling walls and moss are an eyesore. If the wedding is to be held at your home, add a fresh coat of paint over exterior walls that have deteriorated. Otherwise, cover up weathered down walls with a decorative cloth which is usually available for rent by wedding planners.

Check your landscaping

Flowering bushes add colour and vibrancy to the garden.

A complete makeover of the garden isn’t necessary, but a little TLC can go a long way in setting a good impression for guests if the home belongs to you. Rid your garden of dead plants and overgrown shrubs. Add some flowering bushes and hedges to improve the landscape.

Consider hiring a gardener if you can’t find the time to do it yourself. If you’re planning to have the wedding in the garden, then cover up muddy areas with new grass or concrete slabs.

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