Tech Up Your Home

A smart home can make your life much more comfortable, especially if your schedule is packed from morning to night. Technology has improved to the point that it has become a matter of applying what is available to your home.

You can opt for a multitude of gadgets and apps or a centralised device to host what you need. Ultimately, the decision of how much technology you would like to adopt rests with you.

Home conveniences

There are many options available in the market or even apps which are easily downloadable which can be used to simplify your life. You can switch on the air-conditioner, start your rice cooker, switch on the lights or draw your curtains even before reaching home.

Similarly, you no longer have to worry if you have left the lights on or forgotten to lock the doors as this can be automated and accessed via your smartphone.

Cleaning is easy

Nobody likes doing house chores, but with technology, this can be simplified. From robot vacuum cleaners that can even mop and clean spills to self-cleaning bathrooms, there is even an automation that will make your bed.

Other break-throughs include self-cleaning windows and anti-bacterial walls to keep an environment germ-free.

Lost and found

It is usual for people to forget where they left their belongings or misplace things. But technology can help a person detect their misplaced items. There is now a product that can auto-update all the things in a home so that if you lost something, it would help you to find the item.

Beefing up security

Automated gates are now common, but a gate that will automatically recognise your car and open when you approach or close as you depart is still relatively new. This will improve the security as only your vehicle will be able to access entry to your home.

vYou can tech up your front door with a face scanner to avoid strangers from gaining illegal entry. Allowing the face scanner to recognise homeowners, family members and friends will enable them to enter quickly. This saves your time in answering the door. There is also the alternative of installing a thumb-print detector to open the main door instead of a key.

Depending on the type of alarm system, some can detect movement or body heat which will trigger a response. The system will alert the owner if he or she is not at home. And with CCTVs, owners can also view what is happening at home. The system can also call the police or security.

All this sounds good, but there is only one setback and that is how much you are willing to cough up for these conveniences. Setting up a smart home can be done for a few thousand ringgit, but the more sophisticated technology will cost more. Plan ahead before installing. Be mindful of future needs so the technology you are adopting into your home should be upgradable. Keep in mind that a smart home is all about technology.

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