Managing Your House During the MCO

With the movement control order (MCO) being extended for another two weeks, Malaysians will be spending an unprecedented amount of time at home. These are trying times, and despite the inconvenience, we must do our part in battling the virus by staying at home. With that in mind, we need to make the house as habitable as possible. Here are a few things we should attend to in the light of the spare time available.

1. Ventilation and lighting is a must

Now that you are hunkered down at home, the enclosed atmosphere should get pretty stuffy and cooked up, more so if your family members are numerous. Ensure fresh air is always available by having the windows open and properly maintained. You should wipe down the dusty window panes to let in more light and wash the nettings to reduce the inflow of dust particles.

2. Making your room video conference-friendly

For some industries, the MCO does not create a lull in the workflow, with improved technology and apps to power on operations and work. Hence, it is likely that more people will conduct video conferences with each other.

Although working from home allows a certain degree of informality, the people you speak to will judge you based on your appearance, or presentation. Since video conferences will reveal not only your face, but also the condition of your room, it inexorably gives your superiors or even your colleagues a glimpse into your private life, and ultimately, the way you carry yourself.

Since the MCO provides a surplus of free time, there is really little excuse not to create a better presentation of yourself. Start by transforming the background of your room into a more neutral environment. This can be done by removing your movie and celebrity posters. Photos of cartoons, scantily clad women and men with washboard abs are definitely not encouraged. If the wall is grimy and dirty, consider cleaning it up, or perhaps, it may be time to repaint the room.

Having trouble with your paint job? Troubleshoot at Painting 101

3. Maximising space in the living room

Ease your state of incarceration by freeing up as much space possible in your living room, since it is likely to be the focal point of activities, such as exercises, family interaction, movie time and more.

Consider removing the table at the centre and replacing it with a mat, or ideally, keep the space empty. You should also rearrange the furniture into a more conducive layout, one that encourages the flow of movements. Since footfall will increase in the living room, you may want to maintain hygiene by mopping the floor often.

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4. Decluttering your house

More space equals more comfort, and that can be done by removing unwanted objects. Understandable, some people have a hoarding instinct, meaning that they tend to accumulate knick-knacks and other useless paraphernalia.

If you catch yourself procrastinating, then follow the One Year Rule. The One Year Rule states that if you do not use the object for at least 12 consecutive months, then it should be up for elimination. Use discretion when applying the One Year Rule as not all tools and objects have a high frequency of usage in the house.

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5. Managing your balcony

If you are living in a high-rise unit, the view rewarded by the balcony may be a beautiful escape from the current predicament. Besides, this open space is also one of the major entry points of air and sunlight.

With a few ropes and strings, you can commission the balcony area into a place for drying your clothes, since laundry services are mostly unavailable. But first, make sure that the building management allows for this. You may also have more time on your hand to indulge in a little high-rise gardening.

Growing plants on higher altitudes can be quite different from standard farming, so drop by at High-rise gardening made easy to find out more.

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