Turn Your Bathroom Into the Ultimate Relaxation Spot

When you've had a long day at work, what do you feel like doing when you get home? If your answer is "sleep", why not try taking a long luxurious bath instead?

The delightful master bathroom of Elymus at Bandar Sri Sendayan, Seremban.

How many of you are guilty of rushing through your bath time because you didn't spare much thought to it, or simply because it was a mere necessity? I won't ask you to raise your hand (or stand up either), there's no victimisation here! But I know not many will take the time out from their busy daily schedules to take a proper long bath, which can be a fantastic way to lower your stress levels and wash away the pains of the day, amongst other benefits.

Here are our top tips to make your bathroom the ultimate relaxation spot, assuming you have the ultimate item to begin with: a good-size bathtub!

1) Set the mental mood

This scenic seaside view is made all the more breathtaking with the presence of a loved one.

The first thing you have to do is decide where it is you wish to "float off" to. Would it be a private stretch of white sandy beach with gently swaying palm trees? Or perhaps a rose-filled garden where boughs of scented apple blossoms delicately wave to you?

Knowing what type of mood you intend to reflect throughout your bath time is crucial because everything else follows suit. If you're planning to completely remove yourself from the mental thought process, it would be a very different scenario than if you were to think a particular problem through.

2) Disconnect, then connect

Relax and unwind away from the harsh reminders of daily life.

What on earth could this mean? By disconnecting, it would mean unplugging from the real world, harsh reality and incessant notifications. This means no laptop, no smartphone, no tablet, no phablet, no chunky-desktop-PC, no gadgets whatsoever! However, the one exception to this rule would be your music player.

That's right, you're going to connect to some enjoyable music to keep the mood going! Plug in your favourite tunes and make sure it's turned down low so that it only serves as background music. Allow yourself to be carried away on a soothing wave where you can be completely at ease.

3) Stimulate the senses

Heighten your senses with a little help from some deliciously scented aromatherapy oils.

How about a little something to tantalise your tastebuds? Before you slide into that bathtub, make sure you bring a delicious beverage along with you. A cold refreshing drink is a good idea.

What's the fastest way to awaken your inner soul? Since the sense of smell is located in the same part of the brain that affects emotions, memory and moods, it's safe to say that making sure your bathroom smells like it's heaven-on-earth is the way to go.

Through the (singular or combined) usage of aromatherapy bath oils, bath bombs, bubble bath liquids, and so on, you can easily tune in to the mood you're planning to set. You name them, they're easily available for purchase!

4) Lights, candles, action

Not only do scented candles give off soothing smells, but they also emit a warm and romantic glow.

Mood lighting is a simply wonderful way of bringing the ultimate bath time together. If you are able to, it's best to install some special lights that comes with dimmers, so you can control how bright or dark you would like your bathroom to be.

However, you can also opt to turn off the lights altogether and use multiple candles to create a romantic effect. Bonus points if the candles are lavender scented (for its calming ability to remove nervous tension) or citrus scented (for its uplifting ability as a pick-me-upper)!

5) It's all in the textures

Fluffy towels and soft bathrobes are capable of bringing your body to a whole new level of comfort.

After all the effort that you've put in to ensure the ultimate bath time, it would be a shame to step out of the bathtub and be hit by a blast of cold air! Ensure you have a clean supply of fresh cottony towels, soft bathrobes and fluffy slippers to envelop yourself in a safe and warm cocoon. Pay careful attention to the textures when buying them; you wouldn't want something that doesn't dry your pampered body properly, is scratchy or leaves bits of fluffy lint all over you!

In order to complete your experience, go ahead and treat yourself to a hot cup of something rich and creamy, like chocolate or a latte. You'll be sure to have a huge grin on your face and feeling like you lost a weight off your shoulders. You can thank me later!

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