5 Tips for a Contemporary Look

For those who appreciate simplicity, uncluttered appearances and subtle sophistication, a contemporary look is the way to go. Many may think that this look is difficult to achieve. But creating a home that looks like it’s straight out of a luxury lifestyle magazine is easier than you think. Here are five simple tips for creating an effortless contemporary image for your home.

Less is more

A contemporary design focuses on highlighting pieces in the house as unique and individual. As the style focuses on functionality, you should avoid adding anything unnecessary. Keep only essential furniture and decorations at its minimum. Decluttering is vital as this type of look borders more towards minimalism at this current time.

Lines are in

Take advantage of existing plumbing pipes or bricks to add character to the walls. You can make them pop by using bright, bold and vibrant colours or blend them to the walls for a more subtle effect.

A distinct characteristic of contemporary homes is the usage of lines and enhancing the pipes or bricks is one of the easiest ways to achieve this look.

Furniture styles

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still achieve a contemporary look with affordable furniture. Look for sleek, comfortable and simple sofas and chairs. The upholstery can be made from different textures such as cotton or leather. Accentuate spaciousness by incorporating an open layout instead of dividing spaces in the house.

For example, choose a similar colour scheme for your living area and kitchen to make them unified. Avoid furniture with carvings, fringes or excessive floral prints. Remember the fewer, the better.


Natural lighting is best when accentuating ambience. Unadorned windows allow an abundance of natural light and help create a bright, spacious feel. If you have artwork in your home and want to showcase it, use spotlights. This will draw attention to the particular piece. Instead of going for the usual fluorescent tubes, opt for new designs. Pick lighting fixtures with geometrical shapes or chandeliers for a more stylish and contemporary look.

Add plants

Plants will add to the look but remember to use simple pots. If you have space to spare, you can put lights focusing on the plant. Be sure to make the place look simple yet elegant. The bottom line is to have fun while you do up your home. You can always mix and match accordingly depending on your taste but at the end of the day, what pleases you most, counts.

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