Easy ways to update your hallway

A sturdy sideboard is one clever way to utilise hallway space. - photos courtesy of www.heals.com.

First impressions count, and as the entrance to your home there’s no better place to set the right tone than with clever interior design tricks in your hallway.

The right touches can turn your hallway from somewhere you sling coats and shoes when you walk in the door, into a welcoming area that makes you feel immediately at home.

Here Emily Dunstan, Home Accessories Buyer for Heal’s, reveals her top 10 tips for creating a truly grand entrance. – Content provided by www.heals.com.

Create the illusion of space with mirrors

If your hallway is on the small side, it can quickly feel cramped and cluttered. Instead, create the illusion of space by adding mirrors.

They reflect light, making the space seem wider and brighter, as well as giving you the chance to double-check your appearance before you walk out the door.

Create the illusion of space by adding mirrors.

Emily says: In bigger hallways use larger, bolder mirrors to make more of a statement. Positioning your mirror in the right place could also help you showcase particular elements of your hallway.


Get contemporary with coat stands

Unless you have a separate porch it’s likely you will still need somewhere to hang your coat and other accessories.

Modern coat stands can bring a funky element to contemporary hallways and may better resemble a modern sculpture piece than a traditional coat stand giving you an interesting new talking point for visitors.

Emily says: If you’re looking for a high-end storage solution, try leaning a modern ladder against the wall. It’s not only somewhere to hang your coat but also hats, scarves and even dog leads.

Get playful with hooks

No room for a coat stand but still need somewhere to hang your outdoor gear?

Colourful coat hooks can offer a playful alternative that will be less obtrusive than a coat stand but still offer the same functionality. Plus, they make a great wall feature too.

Colourful coat hooks can offer a playful alternative.

Emily says: Look for colours that contrast to truly stand out or go for a more muted option if you want something less bold.

Light up your world

It can be easy to forget the importance of lighting but remember, this is the entrance to your home.

Whether welcoming visitors or just you after a hard day at work, the right lighting can have a big impact. You might choose to suspend pendant lights along the length of your hallway or opt for a statement chandelier instead.

Emily says: For an atmospheric warm entrance, wall lights could be a good alternative to ceiling lights and can also be positioned over statement pieces in your hallway.

Make a statement with hallway runners

The days of a carpeted hallway are largely gone, with tiles or wooden flooring the easy-to-clean option in such a high-traffic area. But slipping your shoes off onto a cold floor isn’t very welcoming for you or your guests.

A hallway runner can offer comfort as well as being the final touch that brings the design elements of your hallway together. Choose from a variety of colourways, patterns and textures.

Emily Says: Think about whether you want to make a statement with your runner or whether your flooring is the centrepiece. If it’s the latter then a more muted rug, such as natural jute, might work better. Don’t forget to add an anti-slip mat underneath.

A hallway runner can offer comfort.

Find a place for everything with handy wall storage

Always looking for your keys on the way out or wanting to grab some change for parking? Wall storage can offer the perfect home for your knick knacks in the hallway without compromising on space, meaning that it’s easier to find those last-minute items as you rush out the door.

Emily says: Many wall storage options are interchangeable so if you get bored and fancy a change of use it’s easy enough to move and create a useful look in another room.

Create a space to relax with hallway seating

If space allows, then seating can be a useful addition to a hallway. It could be the perfect spot to escape to relax and read, somewhere to chat on the phone or simply a space to wait for others to put their shoes on. You could choose a statement chair and table to create a proper seating area or use a bench option instead.

Emily says: If you choose a bench, look for one with storage or shelves underneath to hide shoes or slippers. Then, perhaps add a few scatter cushions to make it a more inviting space to sit. 

Making the most of the space by the stairs

Stair space can be about more than just a cupboard full of junk. Opening it up could allow you to create new uses, such as a seating area to relax in. Alternatively, you could position a desk and chair there to provide extra work from home space.

Open up your stair space with a desk or a chair.

Emily says: If you’re working from home at the moment, then now could be the time to reimagine your under stairs as the perfect home office. Pick a space-saving desk and an ergonomic chair to make this space as comfortable as possible. With just a few small additions you can reclaim your dining table and hide work away at the end of the day.

Be bold with the basics

Don’t forget the basics of wall and flooring. A quick lick of paint, some new wallpaper or new flooring in your hallway can be a quick and relatively inexpensive project since the space is usually small. Then you just need to add the finishing touches to your canvas.

Emily says: Consider whether your hallway is flooded with light and therefore dark colours won’t matter so much or whether you need to open up the space with lighter colours.

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