Drool-worthy kitchen inspirations to spice up your home!

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Who better to outfit the perfect kitchen than a celebrity chef? From Gordon Ramsay to Nigella Lawson, Perfect Livin’ looks to the kings and queens of cuisine for inspiration on building the perfect kitchen.

Keep reading to find out how you can turn up the heat in your own home design!

Nigella Lawson

Dubbed the “Domestic Goddess”, Nigella Lawson is one of the most-beloved chefs out there. Ever since the lockdown hit, Nigella has taken to social media to share cooking tips - and giving us glimpses into her enviable home along the way.

Much like herself, Nigella’s kitchen is charming, colourful and full of personality, featuring an eye-catching pistachio Aga with a metallic splashback. The rest of Nigella’s kitchen is just as vibrant with a quirky combination of pink and green cupboards.

Nigella also has a veritable horde of ladles, pots and pans. Here, we can glean some valuable insight on how one can save space without sacrificing convenience. Condo owners take note: having your utensils hanging overhead is both aesthetically pleasing and keeps them in reach when cooking!

If you’re looking for tips on how to organize your storeroom, why not take a peek into Nigella’s pantry? Once again, the Domestic Goddess shows her organising skills - Marie Kondo and Nigella Lawson collaboration when?

Finally, for aspiring influencers out there, check out Nigella’s simple yet effective filming setup! 

To up your videography game, we strongly recommend checking out our upcoming Masterclass hosted by the sensational Alvin Yong!

Gordon Ramsay

Even if you’re not a fan of Gordon Ramsay, you must have heard of the man’s legendary temper - but what about his legendary kitchen?

Contrary to what one might expect, Gordon’s home kitchen is bright and airy (dare we say, cheery?). If we look closely, we can also see knick-knacks all over, which gives the room a definite lived-in feel.

In this post from Gordon’s wife, Tana, we can see the space gets ample natural light, lending to an open-kitchen atmosphere. If you want to incorporate a sleek monochrome look in your own home, great lighting is essential to ensure that your kitchen doesn’t end up too dark or stifling.

Did Gordon’s multitude of pans catch your eye? If you want to deck out your kitchen with Ramsay-approved equipment, the Michelin star chef recommends nonstick pans made by ScanPan. However, his advice for anyone looking for good pans is to find one with a nice, heavy bottom.

Would you be interested in a feature on the best kitchen equipment? Let us know via social media at @perfectlivin on Facebook and @myperfectlivin on Instagram!

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