Four Reasons Why Faux Flowers Are Better

Since antiquity, flowers have played a role in livening one’s home space, adding both colour and aroma to the atmosphere. Besides the aesthetic appeal, flowers also provide the presence that only a living thing could give, making it hard for plastic rip-offs to replace them. But are plastic flowers truly inferior to their living counterparts?


Unlike plastic flowers, the real deal produces pollen that either causes hay fever to occupants or complications to asthmatic sufferers. This could spoil a perfectly planned event if your guests happen to be allergic to certain flower pollens. Not only that, real flowers attract pollinators such as bees that may pose a hazard to you or your family members.

If it looks real, it’s real

Depending on your budget, fake flowers can look and feel like the real thing. The luxury ones are deceptively natural, with their lush leaves and vibrant petals. To create the ultimate illusion, you can place them in a transparent glass jug with water inside it. However, fake flowers do not emit the sweet, pleasant fragrant that a real flower exudes. To make up for this, spray fragrance on the petals when your guests are about to arrive.

You can’t kill something that was never alive

With real flowers, homeowners need to understand their survival capabilities. Certain flowers wither quickly without water and require daily maintenance. Others thrive in the shade while some flourish under direct sunlight. Even when subjected to the best care, real flowers will die eventually, unlike the fake ones. Faux flowers are not subject to such mortal fallibility, looking pretty and immaculate even under intense cold or sweltering temperature. Since faux flowers are not perishable, you only have to pay for them once.

On the ready

Fresh cut flowers are not always there for your needs, especially if they are the seasonal type. On the other hand, fake flowers will be your saving grace if friends and families are to pop up uninvited. Then there are the last-minute parties you hold, which requires a certain amount of decoration, especially flowers. Depending on the circumstances, convenience may trump authenticity.

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