Want more desk space at home? Here's a little trick

A board with various containers and shelves attached to the wall keeps the desk tidy. Photo: Tesa/DIY Academy/dpa

Working from home definitely has its benefits – less time spent on overcrowded trains and more time in pajamas, for example. But it also means that your desk finally needs to be organised.

A German DIY Academy has a great tip for creating more space on your desk: Putting a wooden board with containers glued to it on the wall in front of your workspace.

Voila, stuff disappears from your desk.

This is how it's done: First, varnish a plywood panel on both sides and on the edges, and allow to dry well.

Then mark the positions of where the storage containers will go on the wooden panel with a pencil. Really anything could go up there, like paper binders, plastic boxes and pencil cases, for example.

Clean the backs of the containers with ethyl alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner. Then apply mounting tape vertically onto them, cut it to fit the back of the container exactly and press for five seconds.

Remove the protective films and stick the objects onto the panel.

Now you only need to attach the finished wooden panel to the wall – either by using assembly tape or with screws and dowels. – dpa

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