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There comes a time when homeowners and tenants find their homes a little crowded. It could be the addition of a new family member or just the accumulation of stuff that you want but don’t need. Especially in smaller units where space is a valuable commodity, savvy urban folk should know a thing or two about conserving space. If you find your possessions piling up, try executing one or two of these simple tricks:

Look under the bed

That place under the bed has always been associated with the production of dust kitty. But with a little creativity, you can convert that area into storage. Invest in some containers, best if they have sturdy handles for grasping.

Once your clothes or knick-knacks have been placed into it, you can easily retrieve or keep them with a simple push or pull motion. If you are afraid your items will be filled with dust, then keep a lid over them to preserve their pristine condition.


Decluttering isn’t just the act of throwing stuff out of your house. It’s a mindset. People with hoarding issues often find it hard to get rid of their items. This could possibly be an attachment issue, or they simply couldn’t determine if they need or don’t need it.

To facilitate your decluttering effort, try out the one year rule. Place those items into a dedicated box and set it aside for a year. If the items in the box remain untouched for 365 days, then it is safe to assume that you don’t need them as much as you think you do. It is time to remove them from your life or space, whichever sounds better.

Good flow

Good management involves the strategic arrangement of furniture and objects in a way that facilitates movement. For example, never bottleneck the entrance to the room by placing furniture at the side of the door. If you are using a table as the central focal point of a room, then choose a round table instead of a squared one. Pointed edges are a potential hazard to the occupants and an obstacle to the flow of movement.

If space is still insufficient, perhaps it is time for you to make an upgrade.

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