How To Virus-Proof Your House (Part 1)

With the movement restriction in order, the streets are mostly emptied, and the roads experience only a sporadic passage of vehicles. Despite reports of some people clearly flouting the directive, it is good to know that most are keeping to their houses. It is Day 1, and Malaysian solidarity has thus far presented a strong front in combating the threat of Covid-19.

As for us, it is normal to feel a sense of security in our own homes. But are we truly safe? Bear in mind that the restricted movement also means that the disease may be localised within the vicinity of your home, which is a much smaller area. Your loved ones could still be at risk, but here are a few ways to further virus-proof your home.

1. The food delivery guy may deliver more than just food

To curb the spread of Covid-19, it is good practice to reduce movement, which means not going out to eat. With the advent of technology, Grab Food is available at your disposal, and there is also the age-old pizza delivery.

However, the average delivery boy has gone to many places and taken money from lots of people, more so during these next two weeks when food delivery may spike in demand. Then there is the possibility that they may sneeze or cough onto the packages while en route to your home. Hence, calling a food delivery may be the equivalent of “importing” viruses into your household. If you must have your food delivered, make sure you order from reputable eateries and that the food items are properly sealed or covered.

You don’t need to wear a glove when transacting with these people, but it is essential to wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser after dealing with them. Disinfect the doorknob and transfer the food to your plate before disposing of the package immediately. Don’t leave them lying around where your family members could touch them.

2. Wipe down your food packages before opening

Congratulations are in order for those prudent people who stocked up on their food supply. But, do exercise caution when you are handling the food packaging as these may be contaminated, assuming that they have been sitting on the shelves for a while.

According to the World Health Organisation, the Covid-19 virus may persist on a surface for several hours and even up to days if conditions are right. This may vary under different conditions such as weather, temperature, humidity and surface type. Wipe down the package housing the food product, then open it and dispose of the wrapper immediately in a dustbin. Then wash your hands thoroughly.

3. Self-quarantine at the very first signs

Even minor coughs, sneezes and mild fever should be taken seriously in the current situation. You should immediately test your temperature and isolate yourself from other members of the family if necessary. Monitor your condition from time to time, opting for an appointment with the doctor if your health deteriorates.

Self-quarantine is best done in a room with an en suite bathroom, as the configuration should reduce your movement within the house. Close the door at all times and have your family members deliver food and other items to you. Ideally, you need to don a face mask if it is necessary to go out of self-confinement.

4. Even once is enough

If you need to leave home to procure necessities, it is good practice to wash your clothes even after a single wear. Do not lump it back into the cupboard together with your other garments and apparel. Want to save up on detergent? Don’t leave your house.

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