Being Water Independent with Rainwater during Water Disruptions

Have you ever thought of collecting rainwater? Here’s a story about how Dr. Chee survived through the 5 days of Selangor major water disruption back in September 2020.

“I’ve been collecting rainwater with my home system for 8 years now. My home rainwater tank is able to collect up to 800 liters of rainwater. Usually I use it for gardening and outdoor washing. But during this water disruption, it has become really useful.

“Coincidentally, I just had a home renovation on the first day of water disruption but we could still clean the house using the rainwater. I have 4 school-going children and we have to wash their school uniforms every day.

“I was actually quite worried as the duration of water disruption this time was much longer than anything previously. Fortunately, there was rain these few days which helped me to collect the rainwater and filter it into clean water for my daily usage.

“And the best thing is that my home rainwater harvesting system cost me less than RM3,000 in total, which has helped me through water disruptions all these years.”

With water disruptions happening more than 10 times over these few years, we never know when the next one will be, and should always be prepared.

Did you know that over 12,000 households and 500 commercial buildings in Malaysia are using Bacfree rainwater harvesting systems to be water independent?

In 2012, the Malaysian Uniform Building By-Laws 1984 required all newly-built detached buildings as well as bungalows and semi-detached bungalows with a roof area of 100sqm and above to be equipped with rainwater harvesting systems to capture rainwater for reuse.

Bacfree supplies, designs and installs rainwater harvesting systems that meet all regulatory requirements, and has been the pioneer in commercial rainwater harvesting systems since 2006.

When is your turn to be water independent?

If you’re ready, visit ​www.bacfree.com.my​.

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