Bedroom Ideas

Considering that nearly one-third of our lives is spent in the bedroom, it would be prudent to give this sanctum the attention that it should be given.

And rather than a short nap on the couch or floor, which can be uncomfortable, bedrooms are a cosier option after a long hectic day at the workplace or school.

So why not spend a bit of time, effort and money to make that place of refuge your corner of paradise? Relax and unwind with these few bedroom ideas:

Replete with greenery

Make your bedroom greener by placing potted plants which will not only enhance the room but also is a source of oxygen. You will find greater serenity with the added greenery when you are feeling disconsolate and fatigue.

Place your plants near the window as sunlight is a source of their sustenance. Plants give off a positive aura, giving you good energy to help relax and calm your mind.

Incorporate a reading nook

A reading nook in your bedroom keeps you grounded. Keep your reading nook simple by decorating it with minimum features. A simple desk and comfortable chair are all you really need. Indulge yourselves to a good cup of coffee or tea and a book at the end of a long day.

Avoid bulky furnitures

Bulky furniture is conceivably overwhelming. They take up a lot of space and cramp up the bedroom. Opt for the right size of furniture instead. Make sure there is ample walking space. Instead of big cabinets, choose built-ins to maximise your space.

Maximise storage by hiding your things in plain sight. Use vertical shelves that help you to store more things than traditional shelves. Conversely, consider choosing a bed that has pullout storage underneath.

Choose pastel colours

Bedrooms usually have a sense of calmness to them. There are a variety of pastel colours you can choose from that are soothing. Not only will pastel colours give the room a modern look, but it will also allow you to express your creativity. Add artwork or dangle frames on the wall that represent your personality.

Suitable bedroom curtains

Consider blackout curtains for your bedroom for those days that you can enjoy a long sleep in. Alternatively, opt for dual-railings so you can have a sheer curtain to give you privacy but at the same time allow in ample light.

Re-design your bedrooms by applying these bedroom ideas. Create your style of bedroom.

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