Appliances To Elevate Your Kitchen (Part 1)

Kitchens now come in all sizes. From compact ones to fit just one person to sizable ones to house a team of kitchen staff, they all have one thing in common and that is to produce delicious cuisine that will satisfy one or more people.

A kitchen with smart appliances is worth investing in. Here are some recommendations for the latest smart kitchen appliances that you can get in the market.

Smart built-in ovens

Baking and roasting have become a hobby for many nowadays especially during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most homes are equipped with an oven but with technology, comes innovations. Want a built-in oven that’s a step over others?

Try the smart built-in oven that comes with a built-in HD camera inside which can help you to check the condition of your baking or roasting without opening the door. It also comes with touchscreen doors where you can adjust the temperature and cooking style by just tapping on your oven door. Some ovens can be connected to your home WiFi and controlled by using a mobile application. You can even cook away from the kitchen.

Refrigerators of a new level

Following this is the smart refrigerator. This innovative product can connect with your mobile and you can check what groceries are still in the fridge while shopping. Sounds far-fetched? These refrigerators even have LCD displays to post messages.

Cooking with electromagnetism

Cooking without fire is one of the best fire-prevention practices you can adopt. Moreover, the chances of burning yourself also reduced. Induction cooktops use electromagnetic elements to generate energy. Essentially, induction cuts out the intermediate step of heating-up a burner and then transferring the heat to the pot. Since there is no heat transmission, the cooktop remains cool to the touch.

However, be warned that not all pots and pans will work with the induction cooktops. Only cookware marked induction-compatible will work.

Hoods of a difference

This self-cleaning chimney hood is a smart device, which is a dream-come-true for those who hate cleaning an oily kitchen. This latest invention of the smart hood will also let you enjoy cooking without worrying about the fume and smoke. One simple press of a button and its Steam Clean mechanism will spring into action and do the cleaning for you. Steam and hot water are built into the hood's fan system to rid of those hard-to-remove, sticky, caked-on grease. So all you have to worry about is the food you are cooking.

Less water, better drying

Improvements have been made to dishwashers to make them more effective. In the past, owners used to complain about bits of food stuck to plates or having to repolish glassware due to watermarks and streaks. With improved racks, water jet system and drying capabilities, these woes are literally a thing of the past. And owners even save on utility bills due to efficient usage of water and electricity. What’s more, is that some brands even include a mobile application for greater convenience.

There are lots of new innovations for the modern kitchen and many brands have their revolutionary developments. For the more price-conscious homeowners, some items may be out of their league but a bit of legwork might reveal a more reasonably priced gadget.

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