A Harmonious Blend Between Vintage and Industrial Interior Designs

Being a married couple, there will be many things merging together including your home situation. For Annette Lee and Raphael Foo, the mixture of vintage and industrial designs was perfectly captured in this 4-room flat in Singapore. 

Keeping things simple but unique, the couple’s living room utilises cement-streaked flooring as well as trinkets from their overseas travels as decoration. 

“We have this gramophone that Raph bought from a thieves market in India,” said Lee while admiring the intricate designs on it. 

To give the illusion of a more spacious area, the couple opted for sofas that were lower and closer to the ground. Being a floor-person herself, Lee loves how she can easily transition from the sofa to the floor, whilst placing her laptop on the sofa to continue working on her laptop. 

As a way to include both Lee and Foo’s liking of vintage and industrial designs, a marriage between unpainted concrete tables and a vintage-esque, photograph corner were added. To add some colour to these living areas, Foo and Lee got different coloured pillows for their seatings and sofas, as well as beautiful flowers in vases for their tables. 

Similar to their living room, the overall design of their kitchen boasts an industrial feel to it along with a few pops of colour. The kitchen cupboards and islands are fixed with grey streaked paint to echo the cement design.
On the other hand, their kitchen backsplash sports a very colourful and geometric design which is a homage to Lee’s Peranakan heritage.

“I really like how it reminds me of Peranakan prints, especially with great colours - ultramarine with teal colours playing which makes the kitchen liven up!” said Lee. 

Sitting as a piece of decoration on their kitchen table is another Peranakan piece which is a pale yellowish tingkat (tiffin carrier) with a fish and bold red flowers designed onto it. 

Moving onto the kitchen toilet, their interior designer included a majority of white hexagonal tiles but with a splash of colours in different corners such as black or bright yellow. Lee explained that her interior designer intended this to elevate one’s toilet experience.
With all the hidden doors, many may confuse the guest room as the master bedroom as it is the only bedroom they can see! Fitted with two beds from Muji, the couple took into consideration their traveling friends who visit them occasionally. The theme of this guest room was comfort and coziness.
As decoration, the couple added a few pieces around the room - namely the little striped, old school luggages from Spain, sheep artwork made out of sheep wool and Foo’s grandmother’s sewing machine!

Behind a wall-like hidden door is the master bedroom. Going with a Scandinavian vibe, they opted for wooden panels and softer paint colours all around the room. Similar to their guest room, the flooring is vinyl with a herringbone-tiled pattern.  

The walk-in wardrobe was custom-made and fitted to their liking using light wood. 

Oozing with natural lighting from large windows and mirror-panels all across one side of their walls, the couple’s master bedroom toilet portrays a different personality from the other rooms in their home.

Their floor tiles are colourful with a mix of avocado green, dark grey and black which are geometrically shaped into flowers. 

Contrasting the floors, the walls are elegantly white tiled with vertical stacks which helps create a taller illusion. 

With a vintage aesthetic in mind as well, their faucets and shower set were shaped in a quirky design and a wash of old brass over it too. 

Not forgetting their toilet bowl, the pipe is a iridescent gold and so do their toilet bowl’s flush buttons which sport a beautiful golden rim around them.
Lastly, the study room incorporated a lot of inspiring and creative elements to help boost the idea factory of Lee’s head. It is filled with custom made wooden shelves and a table, and a Thai marble chair with as well as little trinkets she and Foo received from their friends.

Not forgetting the creativity element, abstract art was added on the wall along with a colourful carpet which paired well together. 

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