To-Do List after CNY Celebration

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Chinese New Year is a celebration that is full of happiness and grace with a lot of fortune. It might be different for this year, but it is surely one that will never be forgotten. 

All of the expenses we made on food, decoration, and time we spent to make sure this Chinese New Year was still as memorable as before. As we tick most of our guilty pleasure checklist, we have to bear in mind that we have to deal with it after CNY Holiday ends.

5 To Do List after the Festive Season ends

1. Opening of the new book. Fresh Start.

In conjunction with the year of Ox, the new beginning is best to set ourselves align with the theme itself as the Ox represent the spirit of hardworking. 

Be more than last year, whatever achievement you get last year will be the benchmark that we need to be better for this year. 

Stay out of the negativity, do not let this pandemic affect us like last year, make sure that nothing can stop up from being the best version of ourselves.

2. Watch out your diet

Don't get carried away by the pleasure of eating everything that we can during the festive season. Most people will abandon or postpone their diet plan or routine when it comes to long holidays, especially festive season holidays like Chinese New Year.

Congrats for those who are able to maintain their health and body shape throughout the holiday, and for those who don’t, damage has been done and let's move on to recovery.

Detox is one of the way to recover your body from long holiday Photo: Pexels.com

Here is some simple tips to cope with that

  • Eat lighter for dinner

  • Start out detox plan

  • Check nutrition intake

  • Do a simple at home exercise

3. Reaching out to more people (Be selfless)

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Even though the situation now is a bit tough for us to visit our loved ones, doesn't mean that we should ignore the fact that we still have neighbours around us. Check on others who are not fortunate enough to celebrate the way we celebrate, sharing a piece of happiness with others around you. 

Plus, with the tech nowadays, reaching out to people is just a click away. Express to them how much they mean to you, show them that you actually care. 

4. Alert on your spending

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Who can resist the promotion sales and discount throughout the festive season. It is okay to spend once in a while but make sure you keep track of your spending.

After all the expenses on home furnitures, decoration, new clothes, foods and drinks, you might want to put your credit card in your pocket for a while. 

It is better to avoid spending impulsively even after Chinese New Year. 

5. Try out new things

Try to go back in time and think of something that you never had a chance to do. With this new year resolution, this might be a chance for us to start on something different. 

Doest matter if it was as simple as playing kite, reading, drawing, or even pottery, if we never did it, then this is the time. 

Create new memorable moments for yourself. There are many things that you still can do at home. Put more effort into something that surely makes you happy at the end.

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