Tips On Decluttering Your Home

If you notice that your house starts to feel small, less space available, and very hard to find things that you need, that is actually a trigger for you to start decluttering. This is because your house is supposed to be the place where you feel rest and easy, not otherwise. Ignoring only makes things worse. 

Easy to say that decluttering is part of your self-care. Making it as a routine would be improving your life qualities in many ways. Start small. No need to rush yourself to declutter your whole house. Here are the tips on decluttering your home.

  1. Start with your working space. 

Nowadays, people spend most of their time at their desk. The work from home routine seems to be the culture of most of the people today. Some people find that working from home could be as tiring as coming to the office. This is because you are easy to be distracted by the surroundings and cause you to add more time to complete the task. Also, some people find it tiring because it is not their choice to work from home and the pressure that causes you not moving from your deck to ensure your job is done as requested.

That is why it is important to start decluttering your desk first because you will be spending a lot of time and try to think creatively to impress the boss.

  • Start with the item on your desk. Clear everything on your desk beside your essentials items like your computer, lamp, and others. Sorting the item based on how frequent you used the item. Only keep those that are highly needed and toss and keep the other stuff in your drawer or keep it in the box. 

  • Next stop is your computer. You may find it unimportant, but decluttering your computer icon can help you in terms of work efficiency. Start with categorising the program icon and only keep those that need to be used daily like browsers or any related software. Always put items in designated folders. Stop thinking about what if” you going to need them later because you can still access it because it still is stored in your computer. 

  1. Decluttering your Kitchen.

Who doesn’t love the look of a well organized kitchen from the utensil, fridge, and cooking space. It boosts up your mood to start cooking and gives you more pleasure from doing it. There are several ways you can start to declutter your kitchen. 

  • Do not keep an endless spare item. Most of the family houses like to keep extra items like plates, mugs, and spoons. How do you know how many you actually need to keep. You can measure it based on how many people in your household. Maybe a couple extra should be fine. Having more extra only consumes space in your kitchen. 

  • Monitor the item inside the fridge. When it comes to the fridge, there always is something that we forgot that it was there for a long time already but we never used it. Sometime it already passed the expiry date. Keep in mind that you need to place the items based on which you will be using next. Make sure all the food is visible in your fridge so that you will forget that you have it.

  • Always put on practicality in mind. Without you knowing, the decision that you made while decluttering might be biased. You still have the tendency of keeping stuff because that is pretty and pleasant to watch. Always bare in mind that keeping stuff because oh the practically, not because it's pretty. 

  1. Wardrobe decluttering

Wardrobe is not a place for you to put all your treasure. Well, it's a normal habit to have some sentimental value over things, but when it involves the wardrobe, it's different. At the end of the day, you would probably still have the very one shirt that you just too care to throw it even though it's been a while since you last wore that shirt.

How do you identify which you should keep and throw out? Take a look in the mirror, have a second thought on how you would like to project yourself, if something seems off, that means you need to put away the shirt. You can either donate or open a car booth sale to sell your preloved item.

Speaking of donation, it is better to have a designated area like donation box to put away shirts that you no longer need anymore. There are others who need it more than you do. You can schedule it for every month or you also can schedule every time you planning to buy new shirt 

Images Source: Unsplash.com, Pexels.com

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