Ikea partners with European luxury brand to offer 13 limited edition scented candles

The OSYNLIG collection features 13 scented candles and is divided into three categories – fresh, floral and woody. Photos: Ikea

“Smell is an important element of the home as it creates a sense of comfort and security. We believe in the evocative, emotional potential of smell that translates memories into products.

"OSYNLIG is an excellent opportunity to expound on using simple, raw ingredients and striking minimalist packaging, hoping there’s one scent that’ll suit everyone’s space," said Gorham.

Priced between RM24.90 and RM129 per unit, each variant comes in three different sizes. The variants can also be lighted together to create a unique scent.

“These unique candles will allow more Malaysians to discover the correlation between smell and their homes. Whether they are planning to unwind, soothe different senses or prep for a celebration, it is no secret that scented candles can boost a certain mood.

"Of these 13 scents, we trust there is really something for everyone, ” said Gerard Jansen, country retail director (MY), Ikea South-East Asia.

Presented in handmade ceramic pots, each pot is glazed with a blend of two colours that represent its ingredients. The triangle-shaped marking on each pot depicts the top notes, middle notes and base notes of a fragrance.

To reduce waste, the pots can be reused to store small items or as a decorative piece around the home.

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