Dunlopillo mattress walks you through every stages of life

DUNLOPILO mattress, walks you through every stages of life.

We spend one third of our life time in bed. Therefore, Dunlopillo being the pioneer brand of latex mattress, insists to maintain its stringent quality control and standard, combine advanced and innovative technologies in order to manufacture a mattress that you can sleep forever, walks you through every stages of life. Your happiness is for life, tomorrow starts from tonight.

The advance latex technology of Dunlopillo TalaSilverWave latex make it the perfect match for the various innovative Dunlopillo Sleeping collections, this is to cater for different sophistical sleeping needs of people today. The legacy & stringent manufacturing philosophy since 1929 has remained Dunlopillo as the one of the most recognized and famous premium mattresses in the world.

For the first in the history, Dunlopillo is launching 3 collections at once with featuring different type of latex for each collection. The products are available in Malaysia market by mid of May 2021.

Royale Collection 2.0 is a continuous chapter of the successfully launched Dunlopillo Royale Collection. Due to the encouraging responses all these years, the team innovated Royale Collection 2.0 & Normablock 2.0 with the Triple Barrier technology. While the brand-new collection - deSTRESS is an innovation fabric to drain out the electron static charge and balance up the ion in your body.

Royale Collection 2.0

The finest materials, the best craftsmanship and a long heritage assure you the utmost in the luxury and comfort.

Royale Collection 2.0 comes with Talasilver Wave latex to enhance the comfort level of the mattresses, its mark as the pinnacle of mattress technology with its ultimate support, unsurpassed comfort, exceptional durability and most advanced protection for healthier sleep. 

With the Nanobionic technology which able to improve blood flow and optimizes the thermoregulation of the body. An improved blood circulation reduces fatigues, cold feet and hands and the appearance of cellulite. Nanobionic also improves endurance, muscle strength and athletic performance.Triple Barrier Technology to ensure the hygiene and freshness, with the uplift of the mattress appearance, Royale Collection 2.0 had bringing the luxury to another higher level.

Normablock Collection 2.0

The back care professional with complete hygiene solution for your sleep.

The innovative Spring Technology from Europe, the Normablock Back Care Professional Collection comes with the most technologically advanced system in internal support provides you the most promising spinal protection ever. The continuous springs are joined together by coils that maximizes the sleeping surface from head to toe. This unique design prevents the transfer of pressure from one side of the sleeping surface to the other and gives greater stability to the core, isolating the movements of each sleeper and support your back.

With new introducing our new Triple Barrier technology which the barrier acts by blocking the three main sources of problems in a bed surface: bacteria, mites and fungi.

deSTRESS Collection

Light up your life!

The deSTRESS mattress comes with premium quality conductive knitted fabric, deSTRESS collection allows you to revive your energy by drain out the electron static charge and balance up the ion in your body. 

All models from deSTRESS collection are come with Dunlopillo signature 100% natural latex giving you the ultimate comfort in sleep. And the individual pocketed spring with 5zones as the base which able to conforms to your natural body posture and allows your muscles to relax in a more natural sleeping position, creating an ultimate in sleep comfort and reliability. With using high-tensile steel wire enables stress relieve for lasting resiliency to reduce breakdown and settlement, and a luxuriously comfortable sleep, allowing you to recharge by night, and take charge by day.

Luxury and affordable

Besides the premium models, Dunlopillo also introduced entry levels below RM4,000 targeting young executive and professionals of the mid-income group. All models are designed to have non-flip features, making house-keeping hassle free and easier in taking care of your mattress.

About Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo, a premium mattress brand originated from United Kingdom since 1929, is one of the top premium mattress brands in Malaysia. Dunlopillo Malaysia is owned by Dunlopillo Holdings Sdn Bhd, which in turn, is part of the Pikolim Group. Pikolin has been helping people get a good night’s sleep since 1948. The company delivers beds and mattresses for all needs – from the most basic, to the most exclusive; across from Zaragoza to Asia. 

Pikolin group, with a turnover over 440 million euros and with over 3,000 employees working with the team, it’s the second largest European group in the bedding industry and the leader in Spain, Portugal and France. It has eight production plants in Europe (five in France and three in Spain) and two in Southeast Asia (Vietnam and China) with more than 3,000 workers there.

Pikolin group consists of thirteen trademarks, making a continuous R&D effort to carry out with our strategy: the group's growth based on researching and developing core technologies for the bedding industry, counting with numerous patents in its category, ensuring a leading brand positioning product.

Beyond this, Pikolin Group has always been a leader in the implementation of quality systems, being the first company obtaining ISO certifications, which has also allowed its Spanish growth and it’s consolidating leadership outside its borders. Together, as one company with many strong brands, Pikolin brings to you a good quality sleep!

For further information of Dunlopillo products, please log on to www.dunlopilloworld.com or visit our Facebook www.facebook.com/dunlopilloworld/ or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dunlopillo.my for regular update.

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