That’s how we publish your stories and tips.

Learn about how we make public of your stories, the hot topics that we gaze on and all other important things that we do not want our readers to be missed. You’re required to read till the end.

1. Our response time

Usually our response time will be within 3 working days. You’d be notify if your story has been accepted or rejected. For those stories has successfully accepted, your stories will be schedule to be publish within an advisable time frame.

2. Align with our topics

As long as align with our topics, wonderful diverse stories from dedicated writers and contributors all over the world are welcome.

3. Story submission

We welcome unpublished and original draft only. The submission must be in an editable format so that we can easily make changes if necessarily.
  • Submitting only Unpublished Drafts: We want your articles to be in the most editable.
  • Right to edit: We have the right to edit your story if it contains any grammatical issues, inappropriate use of words and can change or add images (as we want large High-quality images to be displayed). Any images use in your stories, adding credits and permission to use the images must be obtained from the original owner.

Note: We will never change the original content of the story. If you are not comfortable with the changes made by us, please contact us so that we can work out a better solution.