A look into K-pop idols’ luxurious homes

Did you know that the K-pop music industry generated over USD562.24 mil to South Korea in 2018? That’s how huge the industry is and it is not weird to see that some of the idols are actually extremely rich! With that amount of money buying a property is not a headache to most of them hence some idols are actually living in their dream house, and guess what, at a very young age. This is because in order to debut as an idol, they need to go through years of hardwork in the training academy while their peers are still at school’s playground enjoying their childhood. Training as an idol from such a young age allows them to start earning money as early as they could once they have debuted.

If you ever wondered how they spend their money on owning stunning houses, this is your answer!

Picture by Channel Korea

1) BigBang’s TOP

Choi Seung Yun or popularly known as TOP is one of the 5-member boy group, Bigbang, considered as the legendary second-generation K-pop group in the industry. At a glance, if you are a person who never knew about TOP’s mansion, you might think that this building is an art gallery or even a museum. Well, you are not entirely wrong! Allkpop.com reported that the luxurious house is located in Yongsan and approximately worth USD2.6 mil.

TOP loves arts so much that he said in an interview that he spent 95% of his income on buying arts. His collections include artworks from Andy Warhol and the late Korean painter Kim Whan-ki. And, mind you his net worth is estimated to be USD23 mil at the age of 33.

Let’s have a look at TOP’s art gallery cum living spaces (pictures credited to allkpop.com and TOP’s Instagram):

Aesthetic lighting, dark floor, peculiar furniture, a combo that gives out the art gallery vibe.

Some of TOP’s art collection placed against the window panel with River Han at the background.

Clearly he is a fan of arts as you can see there is even a deer sculpture somewhere at the corner of his brutalistic mansion.

In May 2020, TOP took it to Instagram to share his new art collection by Takashi Murakami. He said the contemporary Japanese artist dedicated five years to complete this stunning portrait.

2) Exo’s Kai

We have seen TOP’s museum-like luxurious house, now let’s have a look at Exo’s Kai maze-like apartment. You read it right! In a Korean reality TV show, Kai revealed his experience living alone and did a house tour as well. His house looked very minimalistic and somehow ‘doorless’. However, in the interview Kai showed some ‘hidden doors’ that actually bring you to different parts of the apartment.

Here are some of the pictures of the 2,000-square feet apartment.

Believe it or not, the couch cost him over RM160,000. (Photo by MBC)

Full view of his living room that is connected with the dining area and kitchen. (Photo by MBC)

A ‘hidden’ door from his living room leads to this working space/mini library. (Photo by MBC)

Watch the full house tour here and get ready to be surprised at his passion towards fashion below.

3) Girls Generation’s Sunny

If you are really a fan of K-Pop, you must be familiar with this name! Sunny, or her real name Lee Soon-kyu, also owns a house that is located next to the River Han. Probably it is something that most celebrities in Korea have in common. Who would not want to wake up to the magnificent view of Seoul with its signature river, right?

Sunny probably has one of the cutest sofas among the idols. Look at that pastel pink sofa in front of the large curved glass windows that oversee the river. Dream! (Photo by Channel-Korea)

As a singer and also fan of music, having specially installed speakers in her bedroom sounds like a great idea! Aside from music, Sunny probably used it to watch movies as well because she also had a projector beam installed too. A great idea for those movie-goers. (Credits to JTBC)

Watch Sunny’s house warming party with her friends here: 

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