Texting is boring, use Emojicon!

I am sure you have been texting very frequently since the beginning of MCO. Do you ever feel like texting is boring since we are texting more than talking face to face now? Or sometimes, you find it hard to express yourself with the minimal amount of words. Well, have you heard of the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Yes, we have a solution for you now! 

Introducing our Perfect Livin emojicon! Instead of explaining, you can just simplify everything using our emojicon prepared just for you. Whatever your mood is for the day, wanting to laugh out loud or express your excitement, there’s always an emojicon in our collection that suits you. 

How to get it? Simply subscribe to our Perfect Livin Newsletter and we will send you the emojicon! Be the first one who uses it. 

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