7 Apr 2017ChinaPress完美生活家局展 逾40万好礼大放送
8 Jan 2017TheStar Space-saving furniture designs the trend at exhibition
8 Jan 2017TheStar Perfect for visitors looking for bargains
7 Jan 2017StarMetro Hot bargains for a fiery beginning: Lifestyle exhibition a golden opportunity to stop for deals for Lunar New Year
5 Jan 2017StarMetroDurable modern kitchens: Waterproof board for long-lasting cabinets
5 Jan 2017TheStar Perfect Lifestyle exhibition is BACK: Home lovers can hunt for bargains
5 Jan 2017SinChew完美方式家居展 6日谷中城举行
4 Jan 2017StarMetro Simple ideas for modern lifestyles
8 Oct 2016StarMetro For hard-to-resist home furnishing deals
2 Jan 2016SinChew完美方式家居展即起谷中城举行
2 Jan 2016ChinaPress完美方式家居展:谷中城举行3天
2 Jan 2016StarMetroA fitting start to the new year: Visitors take opprotunity of the long new year weekend to shop for lifestyle products
1 Jan 2016StarMetroAssurance of sharper visual: Brand says its latest range of TV akin to Android smartphone
31 Dec 2015StarMetroFilter out the mozzies: Protection screens equipped with mosquito netting to be showcased at exhibition
5 Dec 2015SinChew完美方式家居展即起沙亚南举行
5 Dec 2015StarMetroSpecial bargains on products for the home: Perfect Lifestyle exhibition in Setia Alam ends tomorrow
4 Dec 2015StarMetroKeeping it clean and pure: Discover how to customise your living space at exhibition
3 Dec 2015StarMetroKeeping it clean and pure
2 Dec 2015StarMetroMade to fit any home: Owners can modify design packages to suit their space and needs
22 Nov 2015The Borneo PostBetter deals, prices today at Perfect Livin' Exhibition
21 Nov 2015See Hua Daily News完美生活家居展:今明1Borneo举行
21 Nov 2015Utusan BorneoPerfect Livin'15 kembali tawar pelbagai kelengkapan kediaman
Nov 2015Nanyang 拿督的美人家居
Nov 2015Nanyang 陈文俊: 主题式室内设计 引人入胜
15 Nov 2015TheStarFazley loves beautiful kitchens: To cook wonderful food, you must first feel wonderful, says celebrity chef
14 Nov 2015TheStarGreen is in at Perfect Livin'15: Homeowners eyes eco-friendly products at ongoing exhibition
14 Nov 2015StarMetroFresh ideas for home makeover: Industry experts offer homeowners various choices and special deals
13 Nov 2015TheStarA perfect variety at Perfect Livin: Great deals await visitors
13 Nov 2015SinChew“宅”在完美家居
13 Nov 2015Nanyang Siang Pau完美生活家居展 1200展摊一站式服务
12 Nov 2015StarMetroFind creative new uses for old things: Style inspirations can come from everywhere
12 Nov 2015StarMetroGoing green in daily routines: Various environment friendly and energy-saving products to be showcased at expo
11 Nov 2015TheStarShades of grey dominate in 2016
11 Nov 2015TheStarFor clean air indoors
11 Nov 2015TheStarSleek, modern and functional
11 Nov 2015TheStarQuality kitchen designs + Be in full control of your home alarm
11 Nov 2015StarMetroMore than just TV: Company showcasing Android televison of all sizes at lifestyle fair
11 Nov 2015StarMetroLatest window dressing: View first motorised system for curtains
11 Nov 2015SinChewPerfect Livin 2015 完美展现生活空间
9 Nov 2015TheStarFind the right stuff at home expo
9 Nov 2015Nanyang Siang Pau完美生活家居展: 一览最新商品设计概念
4 Oct 2015KwongWah完美生活家居展: 40万元礼品待赢取
3 Oct 2015StarMetroFeatured: Showcase of trends
3 Oct 2015StarMetroA homemakers‘ hotspot
3 Oct 2015SinChew完美生活家具展:4日最后欢迎选购
1 Oct 2015TheStarMD sees rise in prices of electrical appliances
12 Sept 2015StarMetroGreat deals and prizes at fair
12 Sept 2015SinChew完美生活家居展销会:即日起至13日关丹举行
11 Sept 2015HarianMetroSetiap belian dibayar balik
10 Sept 2015StarMetroNo hacking, no welding
9 Sept 2015StarMetroKeep cool at lower costs
8 Sept 2015StarMetroFeatures for the television
14 Aug 2015Utusan BorneoSaksikan pameran gaya hidup dekorasi kediaman di ‘Perfect Lifestyle’ 2015
14 Aug 2015The Borneo PostAmazing products, deals at Perfect Lifestyle
14 Aug 2015See Hua Daily News完美生活方式展销:即起婆会展中心引爆
13 Aug 2015See Hua Daily NewsPerfect Livin’15 13日起隆重登场
8 Aug 2015See Hua Daily News13日至16日 Perfect Livin‘15展览会
7 Aug 2015Utusan BorneoPameran dekorasi kediaman dan gaya hidup kembali lagi
7 Aug 2015The Borneo PostPerfect Lifestyle returns with home and living solutions
16 May 2015StarMetroTimely exhibition: Event ideal for homemakers to prepare for up coming festivities
15 May 2015HarianMetroPerfect Livin tawar pelbagai hadiah menarik
13 May 2015 ChinaPress完美方式家居展 明起關丹舉行4天
24 Apr 2015InternationalTimes四天完美生活家居展响锣:总值40万奖品待赢取
24 Apr 2015See Hua Daily News即起Perfect Livin‘15生活展:聚各類品牌產品
24 Apr 2015TheBorneoPostPerfect Livin’ 2015 set for success with various promotions
24 Apr 2015SinChew家居展好禮天天送:每天贈千個廚房定時器
22 Apr 2015UtusanBorneoPameran Perfect Livin’15 kembali dengan lebih banyak tawaran hebat
22 Apr 2015See Hua Daily NewsPerfect Livin’15家居展: 明起婆会展中心举行
12 Apr 2015TheStarIt’s cheap, it’s perfect, says engineer
11 Apr 2015SinChew marie claire工藝卓越的經典床褥
11 Apr 2015StarMetroGood deals, gifts and no GST: Visitors spoilt for choice at home and lifestyle exhibition
10 Apr 2015Harian Metroi.Star sasar jualan RM150j
10 Apr 2015TheStarPrizes galore at Perfect Livin Exhibition
10 Apr 2015SinChew完美生活家居展:40萬令吉奖品待赢取
10 Apr 2015BeritaHarianPerfect Livin’15 sasar jualan perabot Rm150j
10 Apr 2015ChinaPress完美生活家居展:料吸引11萬人次
8 Apr 2015StarMetroGetting PWTC halls ready for home expo: Visitors to lifestyle exhibition can expect to see many new products
8 Apr 2015StarMetroGet showered with ideas: Exhibitor caters to growing appreciation for Italian-inspired bathrooms
7 Apr 2015StarMetroA cool way to light up: Ceiling fans and water heaters among company’s highlights at fair