When bringing a child to life, most of the parents would be likely to decorate their home to a more suitable child liked home, and give up on the interior style they want exactly.

This urban chic home goes to the opposite way, whereby the home is set according to the tastes of the parents as well as the needs of a new child.

ZOOI Design team was hired for the project. And they use many industrial elements for its interior, such as concrete walls and reclaimed wood coffee tables. To jazz up the large blank walls in the kitchen, the designer has included a stylish painting of a Fluffy Cat to balance the vibe. Enjoy the home tour!

Industrial Look Home_01

Industrial Look Home_03

Industrial Look Home_05

Industrial Look Home_04
by ZOOI Design

Unlike the living room and parents’ room, the kid’s room does not play with industrial theme, but a more playful and colourful tone for child instead.

Industrial Look Home_06

Industrial Look Home_07

Industrial Look Home_08
by ZOOI Design

Industrial Look Home_10

Industrial Look Home_09
by ZOOI Design

source: home-designing.com

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