If you like eggs and eat them often, don’t throw away the shells. They can make a beautiful garden for your indoor. These 12 eco-friendly eggshell gardens will prove you that :)! Enjoy ya!

*Some pictures were provided together with Tutorial links, please click the link if you love to make it your own.

Eggshell garden_01

via: pottedplantsociety.wordpress.com

Eggshell garden_02

Tutorial: timepass-income.blogspot.com

Eggshell garden_03

via: theutopian.net

Eggshell garden_04

Tutorial: hgtvgardens.com

Eggshell garden_05

Tutorial: thekitchn.com

Eggshell garden_06

Tutorial: littleinspiration.com

Eggshell garden_07

via: pinterest.com

Eggshell garden_08

via: pinterest.com

Eggshell garden_09

via: fivekindsofhappy.com

Eggshell garden_10

via: pinterest.com

Eggshell garden_11

Tutorial: fallfordiy.com

Eggshell garden_12

Tutorial: blog.tuttoferramenta.it

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